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General Soleimani:
Commander of the Guards Corps said in a message on the occasion of the death of Jalal Talabani: "The current crisis in Iraqi Kurdistan is due to the Taliban's emptiness."
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Publish Date: 10October 2017 - 14:31

The current crisis in Iraqi Kurdistan is due to the vacuum of Talabani's personalityIn a message, the commander-in-chief of the Qods forces of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Pasargad Qasem Soleimani, condemnedi the death of former Iraqi President Jalal Talabani and the secretary-general of the Patriotic Union of Iraq.

According to the press, the message of General Soleimani's message on the occasion of the death of Talabani is as follows:

In the name of God

The death of the tireless Mujahedeen, the late President of Iraq, Mr. Jalal Talabani, affected not only the Muslim people of Iraq, but all the nations of the region.

The death of the Mujahideen who fought for more than sixty years for the liberation of the Iraqi people, including Arabs, Kurds, Turkmens, Shiites, Sunnis, Christians and Yazidi, a man who was right in the name of his "Mom". The person who repeatedly placed his barrage as a shield against Shiite, Sunni, Kurdish and Arab.

The dignity of this great man has not yet been recognized among the Iraqi people, although in Iraqi Kurdistan, as well as the opportunity, it was not possible to identify and recognize this great achievement.

Talabani was a great man whose new presidencies did not fit into his greatness, but made the places worthwhile and magnificent. The person who repeatedly saved the Iraqi people from whirlwinds, conflicts and divisions.

This disaster is heavier for the people of Iraqi Kurdistan than any other nation in the country, and it is well known that the great Talabani, with the skill and authority, along with the rights of other Iraqi peoples, approved the rights of the Kurdish people of Iraq in the constitution.

A great person who constantly insisted on the independence and integrity of Iraq, believing that the rights of all Iraqi peoples and religions should be seen as a single constitutional state.

The parliament and the current Iraqi government, which symbolizes the presence of all ethnicities, tribes and religions in Iraq, is an illustrative example of the wisdom of this great man and tireless guy who was well designed and implemented by the other Iraqi leaders.

The great Talabani, in his strategy, considered the Islamic world as a sublime, and neighboring countries, especially the Islamic Republic of Iran, considered the depth of this strategy, so in all the crises and conflicts, these two dimensions were regarded as an irrevocable red line for that magnanimous and cared for.

Accordingly, at the time of the occupation of Iraq by the United States, despite the high sensitivities of the occupiers, Talabani was the biggest obstacle to the destruction of the strategic relationship of the Iraqi people with the Islamic Republic of Iran, and with its special skill and wisdom, Iran constantly supported the Iraqi people and called for this continuity It was forever and because of this the Islamic Republic of Iran was considered to be its second home.

Without contributing to US opposition during the occupation of Iraq, Talabani has consistently defended the solidarity of the peoples of Iraq, Iran, and other countries in the region, due to a thorough understanding of the region's realities.

Another feature and prominence of this great combatant character was that he did not allow entry and emergence and did not give any legitimacy to the enemies of the Islamic world, especially the Zionist regime, and he helped many Islamic personalities, both Shi'a and Sunnis, and in the development of the Islamic world, especially in the scene Iraq played a major role.

Talabani enjoyed a special Islamic ethics and literacy that this prominence of his literacy and ethics made him a respected personality for all the characters and authorities of the world.

His library was full of Islamic books and the story of the fighters, so Talabani, while learning from the school of Islam and his elders, which was very apparent in his behavior and ethics, taught well about the history of other fighters of the world, and these two factors He should have been the centerpiece and center for the generalization of Iraqi ethnic groups and groups to resolve the controversy.

Today, the dear friend is empty, and the current crisis in Iraqi Kurdistan is due to the lack of such a wise personality and positionality. A person who was constantly seated not only on the wave of emotion, but also of emotions in a rational and rational framework.

Talabani has sacrificed his life for the Iraqi people and really must be considered a martyr for Iraq. Mercy of the Lord on the great man who constantly waved on the wounds of the Iraqi people during the time of the Ba'athist tyrant government, and afterwards, he was also a sign of the unity and unity of Iraq.

Talabani founded a special school that we hope that the students who are taught and educated at this school will take the great man's path, which was always another emphasis on his own, and the preference for unity on the division and separation of the logic of the neighbor's sentiment and priority The alienation and supremacy of Islam over blasphemy and preferring freedom to occupy and prefer the Palestinians to the Zionist regime, other prominences that need to be mentioned in bold books.

I am mourning myself in the sadness of losing this great man and mastery of the struggle and personality who has benefited from Islamic ethics and jurisprudence, and I convey this great sentiment to the honorable family of Mr. Talabani, his wife and children, and other leaders of the Iraqi Kurdistan, in particular I congratulate the Party of the Patriotic Union of Iraqi Kurdistan and travel to that friend Mujahid, blessing and mercy of divine grace, and for my great family, I ask for patience and revenge from God.

Major General Pasdar Qasem Soleimani

Thursday 13 October, 2012

Equal to 14 Muharram 1439

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