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Note / Mohammad Hasan Jafari
Enemies and hostile remarks of Tramp have united the people and the authorities, increase the support of the people of the Revolutionary Guards and its role in fighting terrorism and the development and enhancement of our country's defense and missile capabilities, all of which are conducive to the security of our country.
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Publish Date: 14October 2017 - 14:41
who trump's enmity is in favor ofdefa press Defense Group - Mohammad Hassan Jafari; Speeches by the President of the United Arab Emirates last night that they repeated the allegations made by former presidents of the country and US officials in different ways, and this was not new to the public, but the question is. Who is the winner of Tramp's statements and behaviors, and in other words who benefited from these statements?

First, the hostility of the United States and its officials has united our people more than ever, and, moreover, we witnessed the unity of all officials and, above all, the unity of the people and the authorities. What is important for our country and strategic, and if it was going to be inside the country, it would not be possible at this level, but it would be beneficial!

In a speech to the UN General Assembly, Tramp strove to create a gap between people and authorities and among themselves, and find within Iran a partner for his claims, but it was shown that not only no one in Iran accompanies him, But a wave of tweets and anti-trajectory hashtags surfaced in Iran's social networks.

The unity created in the Islamic Republic of Iran following the hostilities and oversights of the United States is an enormous and important capital to strengthen the sustainable security of our country, because in our country, unlike some reactionary countries in the region whose security is rented and they think they can be secured by purchasing equipment, The security of the people is basic and no security is more stable and above the security of the people. So at first glance, the people and the armed forces benefited from the hostility of the United States, because the armed forces are also seeking to establish security in the country, and even in their plans, they are trying to increase the security of the people.

The second part of the trump enmity was about the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, which called this revolutionary institution a terrorist. But it should be noted that the Revolutionary Guards were the first days of the victory of the Islamic Revolution to protect the revolution and its achievements against the malignancies of its enemies, which was at the head of the United States, and the sabotage of terrorism. From the very first days of its formation, the Revolutionary Guards faced a conspiracy in Kurdistan, behind which the conspiracy of the state that the president speaks against Iran today.

The Revolutionary Guard subsequently engaged in a war that maybe apparently fought against the Ba'ath regime of Iraq and Saddam, but the United States was the main patron of Saddam's attack on Iran, and whenever Saddam herself opposed Iran, Americans entered the scene and campaign, Iran's oil rigs. During the same period, the IRGC faced a phenomenon called the Islamic Revolutionary Guards, which today ISIS is repeating their behavior and were literally terrorists. Those terrorists were backed by the United States and the West, and after that, they sheltered Saddam and their enemies and hostile to the Iranian nation. The hypocrites who met with Tramp today, welcomed anti-Iranian and anti-popular speeches, and coincided with the prime minister of the Zionist regime.

But the words that Tramp made against the Revolutionary Guards, the result was that the people once again, as the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran, was in the hearts of the people, as the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps reacted to ISIL's missile attacks in Deir-Salur. So today, the army and the armed forces are more than ever popular and supported by the people, and this is also an important and strategic asset for our armed forces.

The third issue that Tramp talked about and that was quickly and clearly responded to the officials and people of our country was a missile issue. The issue that the Americans have repeatedly tried to negotiate with our country's officials on this issue is not negotiable, as the Secretary of State and President of our country, the issue of missile defense. But Tramp talked so frankly that our country officials emphasized that, in addition to not negotiating a missile issue, we would like to expand our missile power and, in this regard, we would not allow anyone to defend ourselves and enhance deterrence. From this perspective, we also see the results of the speeches made by the President of the United States, the enhancement of the missile capability and deterrence of the Islamic Republic of Iran and, as a result, the security of our country.

And the fourth point in relation to Tramp's words was that the issue of fighting terrorism by the Revolutionary Guards and especially the Qods Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps was supported more than before by the people and authorities. Familiarizing people with the purpose of fighting terrorism in Syria and Iraq by the Revolutionary Guards is a difficult task for the people, which the Islamic Republic of Iran has been able to do in the past few years, but the words of the Tramp made it easier for our country's authorities to make it clear. What the IRGC was looking for in Syria and Iraq, and with its rhetoric and enmity and anger, it showed that if the army were not present, then ISIS occupied Damascus, Baghdad and Erbil and had reached the borders of Iran. Therefore, the words of Tramp also came from the Armed Forces, especially the Qods Force, to fight terrorism more vigorously.

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