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The martyrdom of sister Rafiee posed;
Khoaherha "line with SMA» faking letters from him and wrote to the mother. We continue to make this job a few months, but with the acceptance of the resolution and on the other we saw the completion of the war not to be this way.
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The adventure of the fake letters sent to the motherReporter of  epic and Jihad Ali Rafiee, Mahmoud press defense and the two brothers are one of the martyrs of the seminar held in April 1981 Fath almobin in operation and another in April 1367 at the Faw were heavenly. The resulting sacrifice of these two brothers must be strong in faith and deep belief that parenting with the high hardness of the foot of the Islamic revolution's ideals and correct upbringing their children stood for many sacrifices.


«Z. rafiei» sister brother martyrs of their two memories Rafiee his martyr to narrative:

In the late spring of 58, m a day came home and said that guerrilla warfare training is supposed to go to Syria. Martyr Mohammad Montazeri, when in their group. M. we went 11 months no news of him. Later defined for us that Mahmoud with what the first tough in Syria, in Lebanon and occupied Palestine, even in training. Some of the events that had come before in Syria, sometimes not so defined, but that promise to herself defined Unconfirmed issues, figure out where he's going to risk for a few times and how a hunger and suffering that has been endured.

It was with difficulty that every 11 months passed and Mahmood return from Syria and as soon as they return, in addition to its activities in Isfahan, for visitors to Kurdistan to fight together.

With the beginning of the imposed war, the dispatch of warships to different regions of m is started. In one of his dispatch to the area of the foot, was barely injured. Medicine in one of Tehran's hospitals wanted to cut off the feet of m., but were working to prevent other medical and treatment after his foot was preserved. After being discharged from the hospital back to Isfahan, and with the same situation again the Committee extended its start. On recovering, twice in two engagements with elements of the counter-revolution was injured and then went back to the front of the relative recovery.

After the Fath al mobin operation, a friend of Mahmoud packs home. The story of the martyrdom of Mahmoud crying like him for my father. «M darkhvin wounded in the area, and has to be cut. One of the workers that the parish was ourselves, to find the helicopter carrier. When the Chopper to fly a rocket hit the force comes about, and all showed a martyr. "

Muhammad Ali was the last child. My parents were not happy with the occurrence, but satisfied with the urge to go. After spending three months training course, were deployed to the front in the year 1966. She was the female RP help Jay. SMA in the April 29 fall full story: 1967 martyr and his funeral there. To my father's his martyr were given, but since my mom was so sick and highly impatient and nostalgic SMA, we sent it to him. Especially that's SMA is also a funeral and was left on the job.

Khoaherha line with SMA and we imitate her by letter and wrote to the mother. We continue to make this job a few months, but with the acceptance of the resolution and on the other we saw the completion of the war not to be to continue this way and have learned the story of the martyrdom of Ali's mother.

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