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Rafi'i martyrs' sister;
We mimic the "Mohammad Ali" line with the sisters, and we wrote letters to her and gave them to her mother. We continued this work for several months, but by accepting the resolution and ending the war we could not continue to do this.
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Publish Date: 13November 2017 - 15:30
The sacrifice of these two brothers must be derived from the strong faith and deep belief of the father and mother, who stood with the hardships of the ideals of the Islamic revolution and sacrificed for the proper education of their children.

Zohreh Rafiei, the sister of Martyrs Rafi'i, recounted his memories of his two brothers, his martyr, as follows:
In the late spring of the year, Mahmoud came home one day and said he was going to Syria to train guerrilla warfare. On the way, Martyr Mohammad Montazeri was in attendance. Mohammad went and we had no news of him for 11 months. Later, Mahmoud described to us how difficult they were first trained in Syria, then in Lebanon and even in Occupied Palestine. He did not define what was happening in Syria, but sometimes, as he said, he described the issues of unconsciousness, we understood how many times his life was endangered and whether he suffered hunger and suffering.

With every difficulty that 11 months passed, Mahmoud returned from Syria, and on his return, his activities in addition to Isfahan were also drawn to Kurdistan to fight counter-revolution.
The story of sending fake letters to the mother 

 With the onset of the war, Mahmud's deployment to various combat zones also began. In one of his deployments to Kurdistan, he was severely injured from the leg. Medicine at one of the hospitals in Tehran wanted to cut off Mahmoud's leg, but another medicine prevented him from doing so and was treated with treatment. After discharging from hospital to Isfahan, he returned to the committee with the same situation. During the recovery, he was wounded twice in two clashes with the counter-revolutionary elements, and he went back to the front after a relative recovery.

After Fat al-Mubin's operation, a friend of Mahmoud Sak brought him home. Mahmoud's friend, crying, described her testimony to my dad."Mahmoud is wounded in the Darkheven area and his hand is cut off. A rescuer, who was our own neighbor holder, brought Mahmoud to a wounded helicopter carrier. When the helicopter flew, it will hit the missile and all the wounded will be martyred. "
The story of sending fake letters to the mother 


Mohammad Ali was the last child. My parents did not want to go, but they insisted they were happy to go. After passing three months of training, he was sent to the front in 66 years. he was a RPG Shooter helper. Mohammad Ali is martyred in the fall of Faw on March 29, 1988, and his body remains there. My father was given the news of his testimony, but since my mother was ill and Mohammad Ali's impatience and desperation, we could not give him this news. Especially that the body of Mohammad Ali remained and there was no funeral in the work.

We mimicked the son of Mohammad Ali with his sisters and wrote letters to his mother. We continued this work for several months, but with the adoption of the resolution and the end of the war, we would no longer be able to continue this way and we had to tell the mother about the martyrdom of Mohammad Ali.

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