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Press defense reports;
The Saudi regime has sought to counteract the influence and pressure on the regional allies of the Islamic Republic of Iran and distract the public from its failures in the region, using the issue of the compulsory resignation of Lebanese Prime Minister Riyadh.
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Publish Date: 14November 2017 - 09:31
An international team of Defense press: Prime Minister Saad Hariri resigned from office a few days ago. It was while he was in Riyadh. Hariri's unexpected and sudden action, hypotheses and symbols put many questions against Lebanon's public opinion, the region and the world. Most analysts have argued that Saad Hariri was forced to resign under pressure from the Saudis.

 In the same vein, reporter of the Independent newspaper Middle East affairs, Robert Fisk, reported that when Saad Hariri landed in Riyadh November 3, the first thing he saw was the Saudi police who surrounded the plane. They boarded the plane and seized Hariri cell phones and bodyguards.

 If Robert Fisk's statements about Hariri's detention are true, then the question arises as to which of these calculations did the Saudis do?

 The newspaper Al-Akhbar of Lebanon on the interview with Saad Hariri last night pointed to three important points:

 First, the purpose of the interview was to emphasize the good condition of Saad Hariri and the situation, while according to information provided by the government and the Lebanese political movements, he did not have a good situation, contrary to what he showed up against the camera.

 The interview was seemingly calm, but a look at Hariri's tone and voice did not leave a shame that was forced in Saudi Arabia, and his talk was too far-reaching.

 Although the background of the Hariri interview was "pungent", his tone was sadly more than the previous one because he clearly showed that his arrest and forced stay in Riyadh by the Saudi authorities was definitive. In this regard, images from his previous interviews can be found.
Second: Hariri's interview was broadcast directly, while Bola Yaghubian spoke about the earthquake in Iraq, suddenly a man was seen in the box, so that there was no doubt that the program would be broadcast directly.

 Third: The questions put forward by the presenter are the same as for the Lebanese people.Professionally, it's hard to say that Jacobian has received a list of questions, or that the interview has been set up as it is hard to believe that Hariri views his point of view on the side that pushed him to resign. Has imposed.
The resignation of Saad Hariri and its connection with the regional crisis
With a glimpse of developments in the region's crises, it can be said that the Saudis have not achieved any of the goals that they have defined for themselves in these crises, despite the great cost they have been in these crises.

Saudi Arabia's position in the region has fallen, especially after steady victories in war with Takfiri groups in Syria and Iraq. The Yemeni missiles fired in response to attacks by Saudi coalition fighters also alarmed them.

To prevent the victory of the Islamic resistance and escape from the swamp that plagued them in Yemen, these Saudis want to invade Lebanon to fight and then hit Hezbollah, which is one of the most effective axis of resistance, to strike.However, evidence suggests that Riyadh's plans against Lebanon, which were more likely to harm Hizbullah, led to a reciprocal reaction against itself.

Riyadh's goal is to counteract the influence of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Lebanon and the region, and for this reason it tries to put pressure on Iran's allies, especially Lebanon's Hezbollah, to prevent the Islamic Republic's influence, ignoring the fact that its main reason The vastness of Iran, its popularity among the nations of the region and the Islamic Republic's support for the stability of these countries and their defense against terrorism and occupation.

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