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TEHRAN (defapress)- The Syrian Army men drove the Al-Nusra Front (Tahrir al-Sham Hay'at or the Levant Liberation Board) out of more regions in Northeastern Hama on Wednesday in their push towards Abu al-Dhohour airbase in Southeastern Idlib.
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Publish Date: 27December 2017 - 12:40

Syrian Army Makes Fresh Gains in War on Terrorists in Hama ProvinceThe army soldiers stormed Al-Nusra positions in Northeastern Hama and imposed control over Ra'as al-Ein hill Northeast of the village of Khneifes and the village of Qabibat Abu al-Hoda North of al-Khneifes.

Also, other units of the army hit Al-Nusra's positions in al-Mosheirefeh, Abu Dali regions, Tal (hill) Al-Moqata'a, Tal al-Tawil and Tal Awvad and imposed major losses on the terrorists.

In the meantime, the Syrian Air Force pounded terrorists' strongholds in the towns of Atsahn, Abu Dali and al-Tamanna in Northern Hama, killing a number of Al-Nusra fighters and destroying their positions.

The army men are advancing towards Abu al-Dhohour airbase in Southeastern Idlib from Eastern and Northeastern Hama and Southeastern Aleppo.

Field sources said on Tuesday that Head of Al-Nusra-affiliated Eba news website Abu Hamzah Homawi was killed in the air assault on one of the command centers of Al-Nusra in Northern Hama.

The sources further added that al-Homawi's aide was also badly injured in the raid.

In the meantime, other sources reported that Al-Nusra, in a statement, has threatened its forces that have escaped the battlefield of arrest and persecution.

The Al-Nusra ordered the group's commanders to give only three days to the fugitive members to return to their units in the battlefields.

Also, the Saudi Mufti (religious leader) of Al-Nusra Abdullah al-Muhaysini disclosed that the group's fighters in Northeastern Hama and Southeastern Idlib are in very bad shape after the recent advances of the Syrian Army troops in the provinces.



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