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Head of the Cultural Commission of the Islamic parlimant:
Hojatoleslam "Nasrollah Pejmanfar" believed that the growth of Muslims on the basis of the Islamic Revolution's conversation has so far accelerated in European countries that the inhabitant’s opus of some Western countries is expected to change in the next 10 years and that Muslims will form the greater part of that nation.
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Publish Date: 08February 2018 - 20:31

Muslim growth on the basis of the conversation of the Islamic Revolution in EuropeAccording to DefaPress reporter of Mashhad: The sixth memorial of 93 Martyrs of the Iranian “Saderat Bank” coincided with the first day of the decade of Mubarak Fajr, with the attendance of the enormous families of the martyrs and a group of officials at the Saderat Bank in the Sepehr Tower in Mashhad held.
Hojatoleslam "Nasrollah Pejmanfar", Head of the Cultural Commission Islamic parlimant, memorialize the memo of the martyrs, particularly the martyrs of the Islamic Revolution, in his notes: "Today, in the world of heavenly power, we have been able to get a very high position in a profitable way Martyrs have opened it up.

Referring to the truth that today there are many herds and some of them are in position, he added: "The martyrs in the world have been accountable for the poise and power of the Islamic Republic and Islamic Iran is the showpiece of solving problems not only in the Middle East, but at international level" Has been.

Pajmanfar said: Today, the Islamic Revolution's imminent, thought and dialogue is not meant to obstruct, but as a commonly conventional model and entrenched around the sphere and has been the source of enormous changes crossways the globe.

The representative of the Mashhad and Kalat people in the Islamic parliament stated: According to investigate approved out by some Western countries, the growth of Muslims based on the Islamic Revolution's dialogue has so far accelerated in European countries, which predicts that in the next 10 years, the demographic masterpiece of some Western countries will change, and Muslims will form the mass of that country.

He stressed that if the West doubts Iran from the Islamic state, and that the enemy will use all his power to conquer this system, it's since he wants to stop the growth of Islamic revolutionary idea, the Islamic Republic, which is the crop of the hard work of the martyrs of your state, patience and patience To be in the world .

Pejmanfar said: "In the world, there were two eastern and western poles in the world, but today there is no longer any East, and according to the Supreme Leader, as the watchman of the Islamic Revolution, the West has come to the knees and the belongings of defenselessness and fall down He looks.

At the end of the chairman of the Cultural Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, he remarked: "You sacrificed and sacrificed with the best of your investments, endurance, patience and forgo." Your adored, for the rebellion to reach this place, they have suffered a lot, and finally they sacrificed their lives, which is a heavy burden on your behalf by the great families of the martyrs. I have had to me and other officials who see and conquer the problems and problems of society.

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