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Sayedeh Robbabeh Sadr in a conversation with the DefaPress;
Imam Mousa Sadr's sister said: "I advise the Iranian women and men to see what is happening exterior the country, and Muslims and Shiites of other countries look to Iran.
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The eye of Muslims in the world is in IranAccording to the epic and Jihad reporter of DefaPress: Sayedef Robbabeh Sadr, the sister of Imam Musa Sadr, can be careful a Muslim model with all the exclusive and progressive features of a variety of social, political, and cultural fields. He continued his actions after his brother was abducted, after decades he has been able to co-founder of the largest cultural organizations in Lebanon and at the same time successfully whole academic degrees.

Syedeh Robabe is known more often as "Beit El Fatah" and the orphanage of Hazrat Zahra (SA) and treatment school. He also holds a master's quantity in Philosophy from the University of Lebanon and has mastered Arabic-English and Persian languages.

Sayedeh Rabbah Sadr, in a short dialogue with the DefaPress reporter, pointed out today's enemies against women and ways to deal with it, saying: Since I live in Lebanon and I have a lot of contacts with Arab and European countries. I know that the actions of women in the thinker, religious, and cultural spheres about the world are high. The problem is that these women are not connected and do not work together, these actions and tasks must be united to give a better effect.

She emphasized: cultural programs, counting conferences on the foreword of empowered women in cultural spheres, must continue, and everyone should be logical and thinkable so that they can ensue on the basis of the common aim and reach the goal.

Al-Sadr remembers his brother's days as his most hard days since his abduction, and continued: "With this short time I may not be talented to say, but with all the difficulty I realized I have to keep going, because if I admit defeat to problems and unhappiness, I will sin, Serving the people was also a kind of stand against problems, I felt that I should continue after the brother and not leave the ground. I had progress and work has been developed.

The sister of Imam Musa Sadr said in a message to Azadeh-e-Wahani: Sisters, mothers and wives of martyrs have very responsive feelings and understand most of the emotional topics because they are achievers, so they must work together for the aims of Islam, women and the world.

He also advised the Iranian people: "I advise Iranian women and men to see what is happening outside the country, and Muslims and Shiites of other countries look to Iran. Of course, I do not want to go into political substances, but every citizen has a duty to his fatherland and he has to solve the problems with each other and with each other, because the alteration of problems is the duty of every human being, and it must not be expressed only in theoretical talk, and in practice Follow.

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