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Sayedeh Robbabeh Sadr in a conversation with the DefaPress;
Imam Mousa Sadr's sister said: "I advise the Iranian women and men to see what is happening exterior the country, and Muslims and Shiites of other countries look to Iran.
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Publish Date: 09February 2018 - 01:45

The eye of Muslims in the world is in IranAccording to the epic and Jihad reporter of DefaPress: Robab Sadr Imam Musa Sadr's sister can be a female Muslim Sample with all the unique features and progressively in the various social, political, cultural. He is that his activities after the abduction of his brother continued after a few decades has been the founder of the world's largest cultural institutions in Lebanon, and at the same time successfully during the academic degrees. Side further called "the r bit alfatah» and the orphanage of Hazrat Zahra (SA) and the school of nursing. He also has a master's degree in philosophy from the University of Lebanon has taken the English and Arabic languages and English fluency.

Short interview on the side topped r with a reporter today to press the other enemies defense against women and ways to deal with it and about it stated: since I live in Lebanon and the Arab countries and I know a lot of communication Europe-up ladies in The intellectual, religious and cultural fields throughout the world. The problem is that these women are not connected together and work together, these activities and tasks should be one to better results.

He reiterated: the cultural programme including presentations introducing capable women in the field of culture should be continued and that all should have a smooth and thought to be based on a common purpose and goal went.

Topped the snatch after days of a brother as the most difficult days will recall and continued with this short time maybe I can't express my discomfort, but I realized with all path should continue because if I give up the problems and misery of sin, to serve the people kind of stand On the contrary, I sense problems after the brother should continue and work the land there. Thank God I had progress and development work.

Sister of Imam Musa Sadr in a message to the women of the world, said Azadeh sisters, mothers and wives of martyrs are very delicate and sensitive feelings and more emotional issues understand because they are so derdmand should be for the purposes of Islam, women and the world.

He also recommended to the people of Iran, and stated: my advice to men and women in Iran who see the situation outside the country's Muslims and Shiites and how other countries are hoping to look at Iran. Of course I do not want to enter into political issues, but every citizen has a duty in front of the otansh and must meet with the bugs and the cooperation with the fix because it is the duty of every human being and the corrected problems should not be stating it is only a theoretical talk on the practice track together

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