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Iran's defensive authority,
Iran, with the building of the (Qaher 313) fighter, is one of the few countries that are able of designing and building a fighter aircraft.
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According to Defensive and Security reporter of DefaPress: The Americans had an important presence at the a variety of levels of the armed forces before the Islamic Revolution, which earnings that they decided for our systems and that they were policymakers, and that they approved out significant actions in their equipped and technical dealings, and Iranians Not allowed interfering. With the victory of the revolution, the Americans were debarred from our country, leaving only the apparatus in forces that we could not use and renovate some of them.

Army Air Force was capable to train forces in the fields of flight, aerospace, manage, power, computers, flight management and security in the years after the Islamic Revolution, as it was an equipment-driven force, and also in the meadow of tackle, it was able to keep the fighters operating professionally. , Growing their number and operating in the field of UAVs.

The sky awaits the sparkle of Qaher

In the 70's, the Iranian Army was capable to build a lightning fighter. This fighter can be careful an F-5 fighter, in which the wing locale has somewhat improved. The most palpable changes in the perpendicular rudder are that they can be measured as controlling factors of maneuverability, and often out of control of the F-5.


“Azarakhsh” fighter

The sky awaits the sparkle of Qaher

The history of designing a fighter plane in Iran after the Islamic Revolution, and the design of such aircraft was completely Iranian and local. The first project of the design and building of these fighter planes was followed by the Major General Martyr Mansour Sattari, commander of the Army Air Force of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in a grave and operational method. The Iranian designers of the aircraft are Martyr Sattari Aerospace Masters and defense industry specialists.

“Saeghej” fighter

The radar and flight electronics tackle and shows are also derivative from the F-5. The aircraft, like the F-5, does not have airborne refueling capabilities.

The sky awaits the sparkle of Qaher

Though, the production of a fighter in Iran did not conflict with lightning, and after that the “Saeghej” was built and now also "QahEr-31" is going through the final phases of production.

The “Saeghej” jet is a fighter jet creation Iran. The F-5 aircraft has been used in this airplane. The obvious difference of the plane is two vertical v-shaped rims (to reduce the radar cross-section and increase maneuverability) and uses the same engines and electronics as the F-5. The lightning fighter plane is maybe 10 to 15 percent larger than the F-5. The first specialized “Saeghej” scooters were formed in February, 2010 at Tabriz Secondary Station. The presence of a similar F-18 rudder has the same capabilities as the F-18.


“Saeghej” can be the title used a ground attack fighter. The fighter has been dug in latest years as well. But the newest Iranian fighter, "Qaher 313", was unveiled in the attendance of the president in February of this year. All phases of the design and production of this fighter were carried out by scientists and proficients of the Ministry of Defense Air Industry. This advanced fighter has unique features, has a very low radar cross section, and is capable of flying at high heights. The use of advanced materials in aircraft construction and advanced electro vacuum systems is another feature of the "Qaher 313" fighter.

Fighter Qaher 313

The fighter has the capability to carry advanced native weapons and has high aggressive power. The ability to scale and take off with short run and easy and fast preservation is another feature of the Qaher 313. It is also said that the Iranian fighter is capable of obliging six air-to-air missiles.

The sky awaits the sparkle of Qaher

In 2015, the successor to the Defense Minister learned of the growth of the Native Khaheri fighter, and in March this year, with the attendance of the president, the order to begin the tests on the ground (taxi) and the preparation of pilot tests for the Kahir 313 combatant was issued and announced by the Minister of Defense. Upon conclusion of the essential tests, the aircraft will be delivered to the Army Air Force.

"A ghost warrior is a teaching aircraft with close support from the ground force," he said in a latest meeting. The fighter has entered flight tests. One of these tests is that the aircraft can run on the runway, so it's a taxi. After this phase, it should move on the speed of the airstrip and be ready to fly, which is called a fast taxi. At each of these phases, the aircraft shows its strengths and weaknesses, then flies, and after all the systems responded positively, the fighter is produced. For our fighter we have advanced to the fastest taxi. "

Last year, a Russian news agency reported that the fighter was developing theQaher 313 as one of the top 10 fighters of the 21st century, and Iran has been mounting and flying this aircraft in the sky in a few countries with the facility to design and build a plane in this class Has set.

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