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Martyr’s wife in a conversation with the Defa press:
The wife’s of defender shrine Abdul Rahim Firozabadi said: To this day, I miss him for all his good morals, and her remembrance is ever with me.
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Publish Date: 08April 2018 - 23:21

According to the Epic and jihad group of Defa press: When I talk to the family of martyrs, I feel strange, they still consider themselves indebted to the regime.

They are extremely patient and enthusiastic to speak with those who are closest to the martyrs.

Again, I had the honor of having a colleague with the wife of the martyr defender of the shrine Abdul Rahim Firoozabadi, a lady who lives with two decades of martyrs and is always mournful for this martyr. He told me at the beginning of their marriage: "Our marriage was completely traditional.

I feel Abdul Rahim absence at any moment/ his gloom is my Companion

At the very beginning, it was a delightful word, and I felt the fragrance of God in it," my martyr's wife said on the very first day, "I am looking for a fortune teller and a martyr, and a friend. My future wife is also with me ... "

His ethics and deeds never forget me; during his lifetime, his fascinations of love, his simple biology fascinated me, these are people whom God loves and brings them to his own.

Abdul Rahim was an active man who participated in all religious ceremonies, and brought young people to mosques and mobilize with various tricks, and sought to attract more youth.

I feel Abdul Rahim absence at any moment/ his gloom is my Companion

On November 20, 2013, he went to Syria. I had no objection to his leaving, because our principles and beliefs were the same for this way and that I was used to going and coming, but last time I told him not to say, do not go, go, but this time you gradually delayed to miss you Me and the kids get rid of ....

I remember he went to Syria, I did not any news of him on that time, I was in my father’s house he called, I could not control myself and cryied. I wanted he was next to me that see him face to face and Conversation with him ….

When My daughter Fatemeh was nostalgic her father I got her under the sky and say to her require to God that your father come back health, he came back health but don’t have breath.

They gave me the news of their martyrdom first to my husband's father and they gave me the news of my testimony, they first told me that Abdulrahim was wounded, but that day, mother's tears and sad family figures made me realize that I had lost all my belongings. Oh .....

I feel Abdul Rahim absence at any moment/ his gloom is my Companion


I am glad now that he has come to his dreams, and I am a companion to his children and his loneliness.

Massege end

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