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Martyr's father "Mehdi Lotfi":
Sheikh Nematullah Lotfi said that my third son is ready to go to the front. He said: Mehdi wished to be martyred at the Zionist site
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Publish Date: 12April 2018 - 15:31

My third son is ready to go to the front / Mehdi wished to martyr by ZionistsAccording to the epic and jihad reporter of Defapress: Farewell ceremony with clean body of martyr Defenders of the Shrine "Mehdi Lotfi" from seven martyrs of the T 4 base in ”Meraj al-Shohada” Square in Tehran with the presence of a great deal of martyrs friends.

The father of this martyr from the teachers of the Seminary of Qom visited the “meraj al-Shohda” with the body of his son and spoke in his own words: "I have never been so good because my son has deserved it."

According to his activities during the regime of “Shah” in Iran, he considered: the only way of prosperity to follow the Supreme Leader, saying: "If a person does not swear allegiance to the Supreme Leader, he will have to swear allegiance to the tyrants, as Abdullah Ibn Umar He did not give allegiance to Ali, and he was forced to give allegiance to Hajjaj ibn Yusuf, with all his hand.

This great father, expressing his satisfaction with the testimony of his son, stated: "The third son is ready to go to Syria. We are not afraid of anything, because our pattern is Imam Hussein (AS) and Hazrat Zeinab (AS), those who with this stranger's family they have to feed their minds and they need to think about themselves.

He said: "Some day my son, Mehdi, told me that the Takfiris have reached 800 meters of Samarra, but today, Iraq is arranged for the sake of God, and the resistance front in Lebanon is powerful and it will give Zionists a response.

The father of Martyr Lotfi, next to his pure son's body, pointed to the martyr's dualism and said: It would be desirable if he killed someone from the Zionists, or if he was killed, he would be held by the Zionists.
He insisted: He prayed for mediating for his testimony, always said, "I hope to serve life, and then I will be martyred."

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