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The wife of the martyr rezvankhah narrative: I saw his body and shaked him I wish he woke up and say me it was just prank.
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Epic and jihad group of Defapress: Young women these days are better than the last defender of the shrine, the lonely wives of martyrs as well.

Young and alone, at the height of the great bear the child who was not the father of any pretext takes place, it is hard but in the eight-year sacred defense era, and today at the martyrs ' Shrine of the defender of the family of such events to go. The more getting children orphaned and lonely narrative martyr Hassan Rezvankhah whether this wife Mahin porsarperst language of the noble martyr:

Before the latest dispatching, double the pain and sat down. It is another word for smell and behavior for days. It's as if she was taken. To where the real tears and Hazrat Ali(AS) said from patience and from pain alone, his Holiness with the well. It is the first of its kind to his tears. She was taken, my heart also. I heard the smell of the lonely .

Sep 1985, Comeil was two years old. Four or five days later a telegram reached; on behalf of Hasan. I don't know what was written, but comes out when I read, I sense this sentence for Hassan. Its such a good tune I recognized. Some of his letters are not. La morale among flared to Lai, happy he's got sense, but this time it wasn't this way. I was really impasion.

The wife of the martyr Rezvankhah: the mosque was, the location of the joiner and farewell to my wife

One of the combat of Hassan came. When he saw Comeil hug him and kissed. Wanted to hide, but I saw the tear the corner of his eye. "I felt quite worry; but was something special,I said to go back to our House, maybe Hasan contacted.

I went and waiting for his contant, Uncle Ghulam was with two or three other people. A little stayed and went. Their behavior was Suspicious. Don’t say something special. They tried to be normal. Hesitations were higher. After coming Uncle Ghulam, my sister Shahin and her husband came. My sister eyes was tearful I did not ask for anything. Are you alone here come whit us to “Gol sefid”

I did not see a barrier. My sister’s husband spoke about martyrs and martyrdom he said Ghobadi was martyred. What you've heard? Ghobadi was next to Hassan? He was a martyr. I said : is Hassan martyred? He said no. I was sure he martyred, stay quite.

Joseph was Knew but don’t want to say us, he call to region they said Hassan was martyred but he said they are not sure his father said says me the truth till tomorrow. He and Mahmoud bqeri come and say that Hassan was martyred.

I still do not come crying, maybe not I believe, perhaps brought me both times patient courtesy of patient.

I saw his body and shake him I wish he wake up and say me it was just prank.

The wife of the martyr Rezvankhah: the mosque was, the location of the joiner and farewell to my wife

Martyr Hassan Rezvankhah's brilliant account

Martyr Rezvankhah joined the mobilization at the beginning of the Islamic Revolution. Abandoned Oderres, he went to the border to defend the homeland, and then headed to the “Sar-pol-zahab”, the warrior Langroudi was elected to be responsible for the operation of the Corps for his merits, and in the end he was responsible for the replacement of the combat brigade of the 25th Division of Karbala. He was martyred in Operation Karbala 2 and Haj omran District.

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