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One of the commanders of the sacred defense era narrative: went to the“Fath al- mobin” area operational to configure the martyrs we find written in Arabic, some parts of the "Iranian cemetery, discovered this Iraqi perseverance have written.
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Publish Date: 13May 2018 - 12:39

The mandatory presence of Iraqis at the forefront of the whip to beat/According to epic an jihad Defapress reporter,One of the commanders of the operation ”Fath al-mobin” Abbas Kiani, he side of the narrative of this operation in the region of Susa.

“Fathal-mobin” operation and I was responsible for the operation of the 140 members of the kid was almost of shahrekord oldest Shush area forces were considered. Five days into the operation. The guys we have back up the rest. He was supposed to be the children of the city of Isfahan from left to right and we also go forth from the area of the Turkish martyrs.

The night before the operation was that the sound of artillery was loud. We understand Iraq attacked. Some of the children left a martyr and a number of army were also captured. Progress in Iraq and wanted a country road. A group of support forces to the line. Six hours was the morning that we have entered into operation.

Our move was in the night to no avail. Because our enemy with infrared camera can see to volley it. Many of troops were martyred. And many of army troops were captives. Hill's siege and about 700 people were killed, and the threesome of 100 Iraqis was also captured.

After 2 hours of the night, the operation began the “Fath almobin”. Due to the sensitivity of the location of the enemy region with three of the present division. It was a tough fight. Five days at Susa reads and we line Coke bottle. Until the kids came on behalf of Abbas's plain from behind the enemy siege. This was also an occult relief. Just the same moment that forces the enemy to the Plains and Abbas Sunday.
The enemy would also see “Raghabieh” we fallen from half-way back. We are at a distance of Susa to “Rghabieh” were the most prisoners. The first night after the attack, the number of kids we were captured. Of course, we had the company of Turkish martyrs. In addition to the prisoners, 35 people were missing. Later we went to search area and the martyrs. Some parts were written in Arabic, "the Iranian cemetery. Discovered that Iraqis have perseverance. We conquered the same day “Fath almobin”a few people of the Mujahideen captured Iraqi. It is their dress and places the lash on the tnshan. Said: «many of time escape and open us to force the whip to the forefront.”

It turns out that it was between the children of Iraqi Mujahideen martyr, were that the children were buried and were written in Persian, "the graveyard."

Went ahead and turn the soil out of the guys we have. Should be back . The martyrs were 12 people. Each فجیعی to the status of martyr. One, in collapsed mud and halghsh slowly suffocate, alleges were sitting to watch hot rod from the sink and one foot floor of drift were updated. When I his body on the arms, not just monitoring the rods. Some of the complex in lace thin and had choked, some were beheaded as well. Seeing this I remembered the martyrs of Islam and remember the martyrs of Karbala crrying.

I saw a lot of martyrs in front of Susa, but 2 people that are always against my eyes. The first martyr Rostami. I was sitting in a trench and con me had pain and the heart. Suddenly a mortar sucks back the Hill. Some quiver of blanket that was hung in front of the trench to come inside. I did not direct the meeting and on the forehead Rostami. The second martyr Hassan Ahmadi, who was 60 years of age. When the mortars, his face was illuminated. The following gentle lips said: "hello to Imam housein(AS)».

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