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The American analyst and Director responsible for journal "war of cultures" with reference to this told Trump exit of JCPOA Trump maniac is a great mistake and Trump behavior from the perspective of Christianity, but the Jews are extreme.
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Publish Date: 20May 2018 - 14:37

The departure of crazy moves and Trump JCPOA was a big mistakeDefapress reporter, Michael Jones at noon today in a meeting with the representative of the people of Golestan in the Assembly of experts, while expressing the fact of presence of Iran stated: in the last years I had a meeting with the Supreme Leader and asked him why there was war in the Middle East of this magnitude? He replied, the advance of Islam  With belief and the Jewish extremist Wahhabi and tearful and of these warmongering have large profits and I after much study concluded.

Pointing to the exit JCPOA of Trump also said this move is a big mistake and Trump maniac Trump behavior from the perspective of Christianity, but the Jews are extreme.

Jones reiterated: the people of Iran due to the country's support in the war with Iraq and the killing of the Iranian people, I apologize and all my best to stop the war and building peace and friendship in the world.
Ayatollah Shahroudi Golestan in the people's representative Assembly of experts at the meeting said the root of the warmongering us overnight should be searched in their religion, the Jews With participation in the White House and shuttled to extreme Wahhabi kill uprisings, and no one is in the lead of this chaos are not extremists and you As ambassadors of peace with the study on religious dogma and Publish.
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