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Martyr Ali Akbar javadi do their wills "of the Islamic revolution, writes a very good although it is like slap is roaring towards God, and that goes for any force in this stream with this stream.
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Publish Date: 23May 2018 - 10:11

Martyr javadi: our revolution is like a slap to the side of God goesAccording to Defapress of Azarbayjan, Martyr Ali Akbar javadi of the division commanders always victorious in the year 1964 was born in Tabriz. He is a faithful and family find in education the revolutionary, to the followers of Imam Khomeini (RA) and after the Islamic revolution to the country's struggling passion for progress.

In the late years of Baathist regime with aggression when 1979 to your country to defend the Revolutionary Youth were ready, he also would have several months training in the form of the mobilization to be deployed to the front.
High intelligence, ability, commitment and unique expertise, "Ali Akbar javadi» she is in the same Division earlier the war had become the main Ashura bead so that at the age of 18 was able to command the battalion demolition Division of Ashura.

Lovingly, piety and spirituality of a martyr on the one hand and devise javadi and his expertise in his war command among the commanders of the first level of the war and was placed in the key of the individual as a division of Ashura, he recalled.

The simplicity of the martyr was a sort of holiday javadi leave despite being at the front are the official name and for your website, but your friends and family in a normal force is introduced through the commanders of the courage quote them.

This precious martyr after 4 years of it at the front right of the courage and finally in 1983 and "operation Badr" after full-scale war by bombing enemy aircraft to meet God and went to heaven and buried in Tabriz.
Martyr Ali Akbar javadi "do their wills of writes: when the body brought me ripped will that not separated from my clothes and make them as blood is put in the grave because I want as my blood in the sight of God The same clothes I go that God give them value. Me with the same clothes in Tabriz or buried in Behesht Zahra, if possible.

It is true that this world is sweet and pleasant life in this world, but be sure to know that God is the world's the location of the exam, it is true that I am leaving among you but you should know The goal of God and Islam in the way to achieve this divine promise to fruition every Muslim should fight.

In my opinion, to be able to give continuity to the revolution and the revolution in the next generation there to lump sum also win this benefit, you must try to rise again the first in its field to create the notification and your little by little to the issues that they need to notify Because of the Islamic revolution, and we must know the material about Islam.

This is our revolution, a very good although it is like slap is roaring towards God and every force that goes up on this stream with this stream, but when he is the smallest measure in front of this stream do the flood he immediately choked and advocate.
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