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In an interview with the Defapress press:
The representative of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, said the U.S. performance in JCPOA to those who suspect they are compassionate people, we Americans, showed that not only had the benefit of the parties, including those of our country, but also to all of the attention focused on hitting Iran Trump.
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Publish Date: 24May 2018 - 10:45

Negotiations with the United States was wrongHamid Banai representative of Gonabad and bajestan people in a conversation with interior Defaprss reporter,Referring to the American withdrawal from JCPOA, the most important factor in the victory of the Islamic revolution the country's feud with Iran and said: JCPOA has no effect on people's livelihood and economic boom we did; now that this is out of Trump International, the Convention will not happen in our country, no.
He added: with this trump the action of some authorities that Americans had confidence and resolve the economic problems of the country depends on contact with this country knew, proved that it was in negotiations with the United States from the beginning of the error.
This is the home of the nation's representative expressed that during our implementation of to the world that we're a constant constructive interaction, said: whether we act to all their obligations JCPOA this does not mean that we as American demand we do; because the anti cruelty of the most important objectives of the Imam and Rachel Of the achievements of the revolution.
Pointing to the strength of the armed forces and the defense of our country can be said one of Trump's cause that the furious and thus get to the exit of JCPOA, our authority in the field of Defense, therefore, the United States tries to in different ways between the nation and the sovereignty of the Islamic Republic, the gap and Our arms and military influence and determine the position of the US in this field.
The representative of the people of Gonabad in the Islamic Consultative Assembly of peoples follow the guidelines to make the success of the leader and the country's victory and said: our bargaining team to wrap up a little JCPOA did nothing, but it is important that the United States should adhere to the no contract, pay more attention Of the.
Pointing to the President's claim that the nation was reminded I benevolence to us.: performance JCPOA to those who suspect they are compassionate people, we Americans, showed that not only the profit and benefit of our nation by not being included, but Trump all of the attention to the Hitting Iran shifted.
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