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Defa press reports;
The U.S. sanctions as a tool to deal with the challenge of countries in the international system is turned so the view would be that after the victory of the Islamic revolution of Iran so far of this tool is to continually use against our country.
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The continuation of the policy of sanctions against Iran, Obama by TrumpAccording to Defapress international reporter, One of solutions useful Iran's foreign policies opposition with sanctions.The boycott is a tool to deal with the challenge of countries in the international system, and since the Islamic revolution of Iran in the year 1977 victory so far, the United States to deal with Iran, this tool is used on a continual basis.

During the 40 years of the Islamic revolution of Iran, taken sanctions against Iran have been gradually tougher and can be implicitly said that the comprehensive sanctions against Iran in the strongest type of sanctions in international level. Based on the Executive order on 12282, economic sanctions, on November 12, 1979 and April 17, 1980 at the start of the Islamic revolution in Iran due to the hostage taking was the imposition of delivery that spy nest fighter and military weaponry to Iran, which had previously been signed at the time of the Shah, was canceled and 12 billion dollars Iran's assets are also recorded.

In 1987 the arrival of American products to Iran was banned; 244 killed in the bombing of an American military base in Lebanon was a pretext for Reagan and Iran on the list of terrorist countries and give more sanctions against Iran and its policy of restrained dual to run  The entry so that all; military equipment and even civilians who somehow could have military uses tapping to be banned.

In the year 1991 the Court of The Hague urged Iran to pay $278 million in compensation the compensation due to the advance payment of weapons that was previously Iran had paid it, but by the United States was recorded, but the United States did not comply with the Court of The Hague and  failed to pay.

A year later in 1992, in accordance with the law of the non-proliferation, "the Iran-Iraq military equipment» a new round of sanctions was applied on the principle of continuing containment policy was twofold.

At the time of Clinton in 1995 because of what the Islamic Republic's support of international terrorism and opposing the Middle East peace was called, any participation of American companies in the development of the Iranian oil industry was in May 1996 and prohibits all economic exchanges with the Islamic Republic of Iran sanctions.

On 20 September of the same year in the form of "the Libyan Penal Code of Iran and Libya Sanctions Act" was passed and in which no foreign company would not have more than 20 million dollars in trade with Iran, and if it did, such sanctions and a fine company. In the George w. Bush Presidential sanctions against Iran became more intense. Bush in January 2002, Iran, Iraq and North Korea "axis of evil" component that the American invasion of Iraq in the field of the year 2003.

After the overthrow of Saddam, Iran's nuclear issue to the Security Council resolution also led us to issue a resolution against Iran, the first of which was issued in the year 2006 respectively were resolutions 1696, 1737, 1747, 1803 and that the most important resolution 1929, 1929 resolution against nuclear programs In the year of 2010 was that by Barack Obama in June of the same year as ' comprehensive Iran sanctions "was adopted.

The spectrum of these sanctions is so wide that it was Iran's energy and oil industry was included. Comprehensive sanctions in fact a complete boycott of Iran's economic activities that were in the air, the sea, and the dry lining, and in addition to this, the Bank sanctions crippled the financial activities for Iran was considered. In addition to these broad international sanctions, outside the framework of the Security Council, the United States and the EU for unilateral sanctions against Iran were also adopted. Obama's Iran policy contrasting with the U.S. national interests in the region and impose sanctions at the time she applied sanctions in the strongest type of from the beginning of the Islamic revolution.

Unilateral sanctions against Iran from January 2012. This encouraged the representatives of the Israeli sanctions with the axis. Based on these economic and strategic push any sanctions against Iran would have to reduce the strength of resistance to the Government of Iran in nuclear talks process termination. As expected, the EU is also to accompany us in this way, and the economic sanctions, oil and banking on their agenda. The Coalition, the United States and 28 countries of the European Union is the most important step in the implementation of Iran's diplomacy was "forced" to negotiation.

On the basis of international diplomacy, persuasion, actors and multilateral mutual relations, to earn the most interest and action of the international actors based on the profits and losses based on the situation. The magnitude of the US strategy is that certain uses of this diplomacy was met with success and after three years in Iran for the nuclear agreement was ready.

After several rounds of negotiations, finally, on 3 December 1392, with five countries the United States, France, Britain, Russia, China, along with Germany to initial an agreement that the President called it an important beginning. On June 14, 2015, the latest round of nuclear talks and group 5 +1 with the title JCPOA, or joint action programmed adopted.

Based on this agreement was put to Iran, in addition to its number of centrifuges enrich uranium cleanup to reduce the two-thirds of the next 15 years and instead apply the sanctions by the inter Iran's foreign policy dealing with sanctions. On January 17, 2016 coincides with 27 January2015 JCPOA carried and the Iran nuclear sanctions were suspended but not canceled? On 18 June 2018, Donald Trump announced that the President would be out of JCPOA. He charges after hitting Iran in defense of the terrorist group, announced the return of sanctions and counterfeit documents in accordance with the previously with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu had collusion, Iran accused a lack of adherence to this agreement.

Donald Trump's approach to apply mandatory sanctions, again based on diplomacy, originated from the comprehensive sanctions, their effectiveness was that 2012 already in the nuclear talks and for several years was shown on Iran's nuclear program postponed. It seems this game is for the President to be very pleasant because he is the same game with North Korea, which is recently getting started.

After applying the comprehensive sanctions against North Korea, a friendly hand to the negotiations on the basis of mutual interests, the United States and North Korea, long. After ensuring the freedom of American hostages, 2 days ago in a letter to Kim Jon’s "cancellation of the meeting, Singapore's Kim Jon’s request was announced and was written with indifference:" we learned that the meeting requested by North Korea, something that we consider absolutely Irrelevant. "Then the nuclear capabilities of North Korea take to happen?!

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