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The wife of the martyr Sha'ban nasiri in the memory of the martyr stated: to store the constant foreign goods that the seller went on to define. martyr Nassiri tried to convince sellers that we're Iranian and Persian goods should not be bad to say; but when you see his letter to the dealer no avail finally said your relentless zeal.
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Martyr Nassiri insisted on the support of Iranian goods.According to Defapress reporter: the last day of the month of suspected s. 95 years in Mosul in Iraq to testify. During his eight-year sacred defense division of the founders of the "Badr", battalion commander Hazrat Ali Akbar (AS) and Imam Sajjad (AS) battalion of the 10th Division sydalshhda (p) and after eight years of epic and years of activity in the various cultural and social spheres, with the attack of the takfiri for the defense of the shrine Iraq has elected Professor of including the field commanders in the area. In the days of the anniversary of the martyrdom of this martyr Commander part of the memories of his family and his friends.

It turns out the papers get homework now.

No time table did not see his imbroglio. Anything rather than his head. News on his desk from the advertised letters stacked together andeork. So it was a question of how this all works and I get regular responsibilities.

Once you enter the room I was looking at my desk and said, "How do I do all this disarray? The assignment of these papers get it now! "began the folders, work, etc. the spicy and asked what each. I will have to sort the summary of my table. After the order of the Supreme Leader, he said that their letter to me at the time of his answer, that is, the zmansh 24 hours in his own time and it is also time that 2 weeks before the due date will be answered. But how? With this model the irregularity may have read that when a letter arrived should come a last month. Since then ever before its table and my room was arranged.
You're bi-zealous!.
Near our House shop was that major health Essentials kids bought it. Once we went to the store together. Anything that wanted a foreign vendor, and he brings it every time you ask: "are you?" the salesman is defined and constant accolades from the evil General ajnasssh and Iranian goods entirely to said and believed Iranians do not supply the production of good gender!

So with the dealer. He said: "you're still the Iranian; who are wherever we have the right to do our job." but no avail. Finally, the seller said "you bi-zealous! We do not purchase any other time you. "then also went out of the shop with discomfort. When we all came out asked me that the other getting it inside the shop there.

Mother's festive.
Eid was close. I had no car and no car and Easter visit was really hard. I was his driver, and the car was getting the following Bureau, had that dream with myself: "well! My other hand car, take your hand my mother with my car are going home and we feel during the Eid and the passes. "three to four days was the feast of sound me ran his Office, said:" it is thought that there is in Sirte from sorting out now! » said, What is intellectual, "Hajji?!» said: «before the feast of car and yet delivered to the key !" I wonder where I have read my think about this issue, because no one had the letter promises and very upset had it all planned.

I take delivery of the car blakharh, I was very upset from the hands of Haji. Easter evening was that I rang and said: "come on I'm card." when I switch the car gave himself and said: "we don't need a car, we are going. I really ought to make festive in the dashboard, and grabbed the Tiger travel. » ashamed I didn't know what to do.

Dining tea?
I went to his that I asked tea or not. I am not asked anything, because I knew she herself wants to go. Rarely can come to worker for the service and the service of voice calls. Whatever he wanted, and his own.

When his driver was constantly driving for violations to my note. Although very comfortable would have a fine car, but zero will never do this. Once that line was pretty upset I went inside the special. Also, that website argues. The police in front of the car. Did not allow to say who is inside the car, pay the fine the same day.
Men have to work with.
Welcome to travel so much. All the family loved traveling with her. All I am grateful to the shower to welcome others. Travel to the most minor of management tasks such as adding and flatten and cook and wash himself. Especially great emphasis that the ladies at work travel. It said: "the travel for this that you go in your fatigue. Men should work. »
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