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The head of the Organization of the publication of the works and the value of women's participation in the Holy defense said: the cyberspace realm for د the continuing hostilities with the Islamic Republic's enemies, in the context of war and must be entered in this space with all the seriousness of the Act.
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Publish Date: 28May 2018 - 23:40

The cyberspace realm of soft war with the Islamic RepublicAccording to defapress reporter: «Maryam Mojtahedzadeh» works and publishing organization Chief mojtahedzadeh values of sacred defense in women's participation in the first Congress of women active in the virtual space of the briefing included the wives, daughters and sons of martyrs and veteran ladies of Qom, Qom province, which was held at the Camp complex, speaking stated : The process of formation of the revolutions in the world was in such a way that either the West or the East and was asked if any of the two wanted, a change in its content and or replace your nuts.

He added: "the Islamic revolution is a kind of innovation at the level of the world revolution, which was without any dependence on the grace of the Lord with courage and steady, lovingly and passionate people, Imam's win as a miracle and in the world.

The head of the Organization of the publication of the works and the value of women's participation in the Holy defense continued: it is natural that this revolution to the East and West are then welcome to your raw imagination did and wanted to launch with a different side and chaos in some parts of the country, to prevent the fledgling Islamic revolution to life.

It is responsible for referring to being enemies in the conspiracy to create a neutral side in the early years of the revolution, said after the world war, arrogance on our country inflicted by the way, to be able to hit to enter the Islamic system that the sculpture again failed.
Mojtahedzadeh, during the eight years of Holy defense scene is the presence of all of society, especially the cortex of women to defend the values of the revolution and added: this was the situation during the war and for the presence of the men in the front lines, and though in a place like the women who were also with weapons of Khorramshahr, stood in front of the Baathist enemy, But their major role-playing, behind the front.

He stressing that women during the sacred defense, were leading the war on the side of men and Holly sarodend, title: If the role of mothers and wives of warriors of Islam, it was passion that makes men Shoghi safely in front of the presence was not achieved, and in fact when men Comment under the supervision of family, peace of mind, and with all the combat deployment of motivation there are triggers.

The head of the Organization of the publication of the works and the value of women's participation in the Holy defense continued in all the world, not the losses and damage of war on women, see, but during the sacred defense, their women were precious capital and stood in front of the daring enemies.
He added: the eight-year war to actuality all the talent brought in and we were able, despite the sanctions, against a coalition of countries of the world that the enemy were Baathist supporter, has produced a valuable capital and the scene of the battle, design and operational, and to win.

Mojtahedzadeh continued today as a perfumery of the Islamic revolution the world's spring complex and its reflection of the resistance front, especially in win 33-day war on Hezbollah in Lebanon, the epic defense of the shrine.

It is responsible for referring to the presence and activities of the Islamic regime's enemies in the sphere of heavy war, stressed: the enemy out of the way of the hard war could not move in front of the stand, and the increasingly dynamic revolution by way of war and faith and belief and unity of the people and landmarks is belief Give to change the Islamic regime with the accomplishments of the deal.

The head of the Organization of the publication of the works and the value of women's participation in the Holy defense added: "the enemy, the virtual space is the best platform to deal with the Islamic Republic and spends billions for it so well the scene handling and unfortunately this space, now a predator animal like abandoned and the enemy with the device Your specific value to seek to eliminate.

Pointing to the Islamic revolution leader directive in the case of a new Islamic civilization reiterated: each of us a piece of puzzlethat the process of moving towards a new Islamic civilization is traced.

The formation of the virtual space such as mojtahedzadeh workgroup in the country include the wives, daughters and sisters of the martyrs and to the veteran ladies and added: we want to help these women's role in the workgroups eight-year sacred defense and what should be in the virtual space role-playing, explaining.
He noted that today the necessity of cultural work "correctly" feel than before and should be the corresponding root and defining problems, stressed: one of the merits of workgroups is that because its members are, dear martyrs, in the blood of the martyrs of the revolution and preserve more advance steps They are, though all have responsibilities in this area.

The head of the Organization of the publication of the works and the value of women's participation in the Holy defense pointed out that the effective presence of the blood of the martyrs and Professor of the Supreme cause of stability and ensures the martyrs of the revolution, stressed: the leader, all the conspiracy undone alshar enemies live and learn to keep the memory of the martyrs and today Any effort in this respect, a kind of cultural Jihad is and should be in the context of deepening the doctrinal beliefs and values and practice guidelines to achieve the officials in modern civilization, with the seriousness of the work.

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