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Defa press reports;
"close relatives". The first wheeled tank "close relatives" is that with the new and commensurate with the threats of the day designed and constructed and is capable in terms of electronic warfare and space to manage your relationship with command and control.
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Publish Date: 28May 2018 - 23:58

Increasing ground force with armored tanks,According to Defapres reporter: One of the most important defense equipment in the field of ground combat effective and powerful armored power. Animated fire, broke the enemy lines, the care of the human force and deal with a variety of tactical vehicles and اovercraft the enemy armored unit capabilities including any land force, the army of the world fits the operational need to it.

The importance of the armored strength to a size that is on the ground and the relative superiority of the supremacy of the conflict usually with a force that is more effective than armored capability and more fire power.

According to the report, the Organization of the Army ground forces in the of the year 94 in order to promote the creation of effective defenses and armored power in the field of ground combat of your new tank with the title of "close relatives" Unveils. The first wheeled tank "close relatives" is that "the ball is equipped with a 90 mm" and the ability to destroy ground targets up to 5 to 7 km radius.
12.7 mm machine gun tank command on this Rotunda is appointed the defense capabilities of the tank on it. As well as the proportion of its weight can be one to three.

Three elements of the mobility, fire protection design and construction of the tank, consider that the integration of these three elements on the shansh the presence of this animated battle scenes in the fire launcher systems.

This is the last generation of tanks equipped with fire control equipment and suspension systems it is also independent. "Close relatives" that uses a crew of 4 people, tailored to regional threats and the need for the day and made the design department.
To appreciate the Amir martyr sarafraz ground force, "major general h. close relatives, this tank racists called the martyr Mozayan.

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