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Revolutionary forces the country to the p people of Bahrain broad participation in the March International Day of Quds were invited.
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Publish Date: 07June 2018 - 18:24

Bahrain attends the people's widespread recall of revolutionaries in the Quds day According to the international group of Defapress, the revolutionary forces and the people of this country, Bahrain opposed to broad participation in the March International Day of Quds is the capital of Palestine with the slogan frakhandend Azadegan.

On the occasion of the international day of Bahrain as well as revolutionaries revealed by arranging photo exhibition, Israel and the Al-Saud regime crimes in Palestine, Yemen and Bahrain to the image.

On the other hand the protesters Cup in Abosabie and alshakhorh by writing the name of praise Jesus on the asphalt streets of the two settlements of its opposition to the House of Al-Khalifa announced.

This action within the framework of the ongoing protests in most areas of this country of Bahrain revolutionaries here.

The protesters in the coastal zone, as well as the same action with the slogan of your glory under the legs.

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