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The United Nations representative in Yemen's Affairs, after meeting with the head of the Supreme Council of the political " Mehdi almshat ", Yemen, and a number of coalition attacks, ansarallah Arabia to Yemen's western shores and has alhadideh and promise to reopen the airport snaa.
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Publish Date: 07June 2018 - 19:07

The United Nations representative in Yemen's Affairs Criticism of Arabia Coalition attacks West of YemenAccording to the international Defapress group, "Martin Geriftth "the UN representative in Yemen's Affairs, announces that meeting yesterday in the Congress party leaders with sanaa Ansarallah Yemen folks, the result was satisfactory.

He was at a press conference before leaving the airport sanaa stated that "meet the leaders of the Congress Party and ansarallah about peace process that this month it would raise in the Security Council, positive, and the result was satisfactory.

The United Nations representative in Yemen's Affairs, adding: my trip to Yemen and met with Ben diqer (Prime Minister of the Yemen Government's retire) Saudi and other coalition officials, Pro during the past week encourages me to continue the negotiations, and this is my motivation in creating that peace operations to pull ahead.

Geriftth stressed that "the time for replacement of the peace should not be lost and should be a step in this direction. To encourage all parties involved to reopen the airport for commercial flights and snaa trying.

He also criticized the Coalition attacks on Yemen's western coast of Arabia said: I heard that a lot of experts about the attack on the human consequences of its alhdideh are concerned, therefore, to prevent malicious effects it, peace operations and replacement political.

The United Nations representative in Yemen Affairs last night to Cairo left the snaa and is set in the country with a number of Egyptian officials and the Arab League and Egypt meet some characters resident reform.

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