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The Syrian Army dispatched more troops and equipment to Dara'a province on Tuesday as the terrorist groups refused the Russian Reconciliation Center's call for peace talks in the region.The army forwarded a large number of forces and a large volume of equipment to the Death Triangle in Northern Dara'a.
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Publish Date: 12June 2018 - 14:10

Syrian Army Sends More Troops to Southern Battlefields, Terrorists Refuse Russians' Call for Peace TalksTEHRAN (Defapress)- Several military vehicles, a number of personnel carrier vehicles and truck carrying heavy weapons deployed to the towns of al-Habariyeh, Deir al-Adas and Fatima hills in Northern Dara'a.
Deir al-Adas is one of the most important contact lines of the army with terrorists in Northern Dara'a.
The Death Triangle is among the most strategic regions in Southern Syria connecting Dara'a province to Quneitra and Western Damascus.
Well-inform sources reported that the terrorist commanders in Dara'a have rejected the Humeimim-based Russian Reconciliation Center's call for direct talks, adding that the terrorists are insisting on confronting the army's operation in South.
The Free Syrian Army has also kept its militants in regiments 463, 404 and 406 in Quneitra on alert to face the Damascus' forces large-scale operation in Southern Syria.
In a relevant development on Monday, the army dispatched a convoy, including ten military vehicles, to al-Bohouth region West of Tal Bazaq region in Northern Quneitra.
The army further forwarded its elite forces from Hajar al-Aswad in Southern Damascus to Quneitra.
The army has also deployed a large number of forces and a large volume of equipment in the town of Deir al-Adas 60 km North of Dara'a city, a field source said, adding that the army may start operation from two flanks of Deir al-Adas toward Tal al-Alaqiyat, Tal Antar and Kafr Nasij in Dara'a and towards Western regions in Sweida province.
The source further said that the Russian-Syrian delegation is attempting to persuade the militants to leave the positions in Dara'a.
In the meantime, the Russia-run Humeimim airbase in Western Syria underlined the Russian forces' possible participation in military operation in Southern Syria. 

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