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TEHRAN(defapress)- Chairman of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of the Iranian Parliament considered interaction with the world as the requirement for reaching the goals of the 2025 vision document and said there is no prohibition by state concerning détente with world countries.
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Publish Date: 11January 2019 - 11:16

No state ban on détente with other countriesHeshmatullah Falahatpisheh said on Thursday evening, “One of the most important goals outlined in the document is the prospect of Iran converting to the first economic power of the region, and this will not certainly be achieved by conflict with the world”.

“Although we have disagreements with Western countries, we cannot treat maliciously with all countries, and if we do not have interaction with the world we cannot achieve our goals,' he continued.

The MP called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)'s philosophy as interacting with the world and the détente and said, 'The JCPOA removed 1,248 sanctions and facilitated the engagement of the country with the world, but that the other side has become dishonorable, it obstructed the realization of goals of this comprehensive program.”

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