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TEHRAN (defapress) – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif condemned US silence over numerous executions and one case of crucifixion in Saudi Arabia.
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Publish Date: 24April 2019 - 08:58

Zarif reacts to reported executions, crucifixion in Saudi ArabiaIn a Wednesday tweet, he wrote, “After a wink at the dismembering of a journalist, not a whisper from the Trump administration when Saudi Arabia beheads 37 men in one day—even crucifying one two days after Easter.

“Membership in the #B_team —Bolton, Bin Salman, Bin Zayed & "Bibi"— gives immunity for any crime,” he added.

A Saudi prisoner has been executed and crucified, according to a statement by the country's state media, BBC reported late Tuesday, adding that the man was one of 37 people executed on Tuesday on charges of terrorism.

Among those executed, at least 14 were convicted of violent offenses relating to their participation in anti-government demonstrations, Amnesty International reports.

Saudi Arabia claims that executed men were charged with "adopting terrorist extremist ideology, forming terrorist cells" and harming the "peace and security of society".

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