North Korea Fires Missile in Third Test in Three Weeks
TEHRAN (defapress) - North Korea has test-fired a missile into Japanese waters, the latest in a series of launches that have ratcheted up tensions over its nuclear weapons programme.
Syria Army Repels Daesh Attack on Military Post in Deir Ez-Zor
TEHRAN (defapress) – Syria’s army and its allies foiled a major offensive by Daesh (ISIL or ISIS) terrorists in the eastern province of Deir ez-Zor, forcing them to retreat.
Rouhani submits APLAC membership bill to Parliament
TEHRAN (defapress) – President Rouhani submitted Asia Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (APLAC) bill to the Parliament.
Bahraini Regime Still Laying Siege to Sheikh Qassim’s House
TEHRAN (defapress) – Bahraini activists said the house of Sheikh Isa Qassim, the spiritual leader the Shiite majority in the kingdom, in Diraz, west of Manama, is still under siege by the regime’s security forces.
Saudi reliance on Trump’s US to yield no results
TEHRAN (defapress) – Parliament official Hossein Amir-Abdollahian said the reliance of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain on Donald Trump’s America will yield no beneficial results for them.
Putin, Rouhani discuss Syrian crisis, economic ties on phone
TEHRAN (defapress) – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani had a telephone conversation with Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on Saturday to exchange views on regional issues.
Sectarianism 'a disruptive blight to regional security'
TEHRAN (defapress) – President Hassan Rouhani denounced sectarianism as a blight disruptive to the security in the region while underlining cooperation with Persian Gulf states as a principle for Iran's foreign policy.
North Korea Leader Kim Guides Test of New Anti-Aircraft Weapon
TEHRAN (defapress) - North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has supervised the test of a new anti-aircraft weapon system and ordered its mass production and deployment throughout the country, the state news agency reported on Sunday, after weeks of defiant ballistic missile tests.
Iran rejects receiving US threatening message
TEHRAN (defapress) – Iran’s FM Spokesman Bahram Ghasemi strongly rejected the report by a Kuwaiti newspaper alleging that US officials had conveyed a threatening message to Iran through Russia.
Damascus calls for cessation of US-led coalition strikes
TEHRAN (defapress) – The Syrian authorities submitted letters to the UN Secretary General (UNSG) and the UN Security Council (UNSC) to end the US-led coalition strikes because the massive loss of lives among the civilians.
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