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TEHRAN (Defapress) - American analyst Stephen Lendman believes that the US values Israel as an extension of its military presence in the Middle East that’s all about wanting control over the region, its hydrocarbon and other resources.
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US valuing Israel as extension of its military presence in METhe International Quds Day is an annual event during which demonstrators express their solidarity with the Palestinian people and opposition to the occupation of the Palestinian territories by the Zionist regime of Israel.

The day is seen as the legacy of the late founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Imam Khomeini, who officially declared the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan as International Quds Day back in 1979. The auspicious day is not merely meant for the declaration of support for an oppressed nation who have been driven out of their motherland and homes but has become the symbol of fighting Arrogance and global hegemons.

Every year people around the world pour into the streets to cast their support to the people of Palestine and express their indignation at the apartheid regime of Israel, which has occupied Palestinian territories since 1967. Quds Day is a unique form of a wide-aware campaign against the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

International Quds Day is also held in several other countries, mainly in the Arab and Muslim world, with protests against the Israeli regime’s occupation of East Quds. Rallies are held in various cities by both Muslim and non-Muslim communities around the world.

To shed light on the issue, we reached out to American analyst and columnist Stephen Lendman.

Here is the full text of the interview:

Have international organizations been successful in addressing the human rights situation in Palestine? If so, why are Israel's human rights abuses still continuing?


Because Western nations go along with Washington’s imperial policy that includes partnering with Israel’s diabolical agenda, Palestinian rights are addressed rhetorically at most. There’s little or nothing done to support them. Except for support from nations like Iran, they’re largely on their own in pursuing their liberating struggle.

Isolated Gaza is Exhibit A. What have Western countries and their allies done to help the Strip’s subjugated people? Virtually nothing.

The worst of Israeli high crimes of war, against humanity, and other human rights abuses are largely or entirely ignored in the West. So nothing is done to hold its ruling authorities accountable and Israel takes full advantage.

Why are most UN Security Council resolutions against the Israeli regime vetoed by the United States?

The US values Israel as an extension of its military presence in the Middle East that’s all about wanting control over the region, its hydrocarbon and other resources, as well as its populations.

Of course, the US drive for hegemony operates much the same worldwide, including exploitation of most Americans.

Which governments do you think that play the biggest role in violating Palestinian rights?


Israel is by far the key violator. But without US-led Western support, it couldn’t get away with what it has done since before the creation of the state on stolen Palestinian land. The roots of what’s gone on stem from the diabolical 1917 Balfour Declaration. Generations of political, military and cultural repression of its people followed, far worse after Israel’s so-called war of independence, stealing 78% of historic Palestine, the rest in June 1967.

Balfour’s call for establishing a nation for Jews (on stolen Palestinian land) was a high crime against humanity. Endless conflict, occupation, dispossession, and repression, along with social and cultural fragmentation define conditions for beleaguered Palestinians – over 100 years of suffering, no end of it in sight, the world community dismissive of their rights.

What is the mission of world public opinion, especially Europe and the United States, in dealing with such inhuman behavior?

The mission can be explained in one word: dominance, what the US drive for global hegemony is all about by whatever it takes to achieve its diabolical aims.

How do you assess the internal situation in Israel, given the growing economic pressures and identity challenges in this society?

We know that Netanyahu and most Knesset members are unindicted war criminals. Netanyahu’s endless trial for fraud, bribery, and breach of trust should have ended last year with conviction on all counts — and much more.

Yet it drags on endlessly. His aim of course is to get off scot-free and stay in office to continue his reign of terror — fully supported by the US and West.

Why have peace projects in the region, which are more in the interests of Israel, failed to move forward?

Peace efforts repeatedly fail because the US, West and Israel reject them. For the US, peace, stability, cooperative relations with other nations, and compliance with the rule of law jeopardize its drive for hegemony worldwide. The same holds for Israel in the Middle East.

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