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TEHRAN (Defapress) - Condemning the meeting of the head of the Palestinian Authority with the Zionist war minister, Hamas Spokesman said that Abbas's meeting with Gantz was a stab in the Palestinians' back.
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Publish Date: 31August 2021 - 03:04

Abass ,Zionist minister meeting stab in Palestinians backHamas Spokesman made the remarks in reaction to a meeting between Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and the Zionist War Minister Benny Gantz on Sunday.

Abbas's meeting with Gantz was a stab in the Palestinian people's back, Abdul-Latif Al-Qanu said, adding that he betrayed the blood of the Palestinian martyrs.

Unfortunately, Mahmoud Abbas continues to undermine national values, trying to repair the criminal face of the Zionists.

He also called on all groups of the Palestinians to oppose this insulting behavior of Abbas, stressing that Abbas is not representative of the Palestinian people, and he is only the representative of himself.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas met with Zionist War Minister Benny Gantz in the Occupied Territories of Palestine on Sunday, Palestinian sources said.

The event was the highest-level meeting between Palestinians and Zionists since the formation of the new Zionist government in June.

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