Interview with Dr Zainab Mina Amirimghaddam, sister marty and physicians present in the war;
The most enduring moment in my war was to treat my injured son
The most enduring moment in my war was to treat my injured sonAccording to the epic and jihad reporter  of the defapress,With the start of the war, women in the same month of the sacred defense in the beginning of war in the enemy's front lines a few step, Abadan, Khorramshahr, Shalamcheh and.

They struggle with the men but the presence on the front line is only one of the activities of Iranian women in the Holy defense.

Nursing and treatment of war wounded, providing the means needed for the warriors and cultural presence in the cities of their activities in the trailing. Also, the mothers and the wives were with Sabri in front to the species dear war. Dktersinb m. Amiri-Moghadam, Pediatric Cardiology specialty born in 1322 of this women is exploiting the hydrocarbon delavari was to battle with the Warriors of his medical treatment expertise. What will be the result of following our vegoi with the physician, said Mujahid and martyr’a sister.

Defapress: How as a woman in front of the war rfatid?

After the victory of the Islamic revolution I and some charity clinic in hmakaranam mosque in n. seven dock for launching. Using the GPS, free treatment to patients, medical services and the provision of required medicines patients. These activities continued until that whisper, trailing into the ear. September was the month the year 1359. After the siege of Khorramshahr to ourselves that our stay here the nhib. no other use. We should be way better service and front addressed more in war-torn areas we provide, therefore, I, Mr and Mr sharifi was responsible for the mosque to the South to dock seven n. set aftadim.

Defapress: The same way the first month of the war, severe front? The first was that the area where rfatid?.

Yes; the beginning of war. We had a way we fall, Khorramshahr and Abadan to may rfatim. Soldiers for capturing Abadan on 8 November 1359, in the area of the floating bridge on the river faces bahmanshir zolfaghari and installed with their part of the ferry entered Abadan Island. We have to abaden to rfatim, Mahshahr. Military forces based in Mahshahr called that we can go and say we all miss out kshidim of Abadan, figure out how to let you log in. We insist that we have come to help amdadersani, but that is what they said to you? Abadan is under siege and the work of your hands brnami. So we have to insist that we haorkraft to Abadan. That time I was a resident. Abadan in rfatim aid to the hospital. The situation in the war-time hospital had taken shape and color. Both the patient and was also injured. When I went to the hospital emergency room physician and a nurse saw high. For this I've got a way to treat patients in the villages of Abadan.

Defapress: Their presence in the war-torn villages of hardness that condition basically wiped out?

In fact, it was not the one in the present conditions, go to the villages, but I '. We work every day in the morning was rfatim and the sunset with the ambulance to the hospital if open. Once out of the village towards the enemy with mortar in the hospital were moved to mehibi near to hear the ambulance driver and hit leg to escape from fear. I also sdaish I can put a permanent, if we had been our martyr. Servant of God aftadim way back again. When we reached the hospital, I realized that the same mortar near trcsh we had to hit the heart of the youth who was near us. I went ahead, which saw no heart trcsh of the heart outside chest but has yet to connect the veins and avizan.

Defapress: In the war zone of death how can used to close yourself?

Cross sectional study of included in Abadan coincides with the month of Muharram. went to  Taleghani hospital. The House of its day with a passion in ezai Hosseini and had held a strange. The location of our room of residents around the hospital. When the eyes are on time and I hear the sound heard in the mortar every moment with myself I can think of now is that our enemy bomb room on the roof to eat and shake a nation.

Defapress: The presence of women in the first line of resistance against the enemy how?

I remember that my mother's every day and right into the hands of helim fighting are. How can I say to John's mother in the tough situation of the war and the eradication of bkoob this Act? In response, the militant said all my children. Housewives of or after completing all the everyday tasks will come to a hospital and the blood of the wounded and in washing clothes of the Warriors are overtaking. No pictures of the clothes and linen white casual on a rope suspended in water and mattresses and bed that was my mind pure blood color accordingly. Our medical staff is working on each of his arms came in do. Patients and physicians are even bed sort and t showed may was.

Defapress: After you defeat what hsrabadan?

After that was routed from Abadan Abadan wanted us to leave. I and some of the older lady riding on a ship. After half an hour of the ship harktman was back. When we found out the cause of the prsidim lenji before we had attacked the movement have taken people to have brought in bondage. Our lives are in danger. For the same path a half hour away. and to make the 16-hour faces bahmanshir Bandar Imam in. The weather was very cold. From there came to Tehran from Shiraz and Shiraz.

Defapress: Then again, the front went?.

I spent eight years as a cross on the front. I was deployed in front of time and after I completed the operation dates to Tehran. Year 1362 in martyr kalantari andimshk simple shoes of the two young ktani foot were encountered. When I got the hvitshan azhmakaran often, said Dr. tavana and Dr guidelines. Later Dr. review guidelines to testify. On one of the days passed the disease to a hospital that insisted I had. The top of his head would have noticed his face covered with a blanket. When the blanket next to her face and I saw laughed. His frontal kissed, my son! It took 15 years. My first marriage was the result of h

Of his friends had asked him to pass the hospital I'm and I had.

Defapress: The last were related to cross in front of them in operations?

During the eight-year presence in different positions and I attended. The last appeal was related to the operations included. I went back to Kermanshah. Take part in the openings and Brick shelter beds ready. Inside the operating room and recovery room, mountain

 Respectively Has a high time in the injured. Teadai of the wounded were from the hypocrites. After the defeat of the hypocrites and we risk our Bush, outside of the US.

Are you martyring sister too? Martyr of the family say.

The martyrdom of brother Sayed Masoud Amiri Moghaddam 1980 on the year. My brother was the Commander of the Corps and the guardians of the founders of the city. in 22 years was a martyr. It is also when the newly married. Just 19 days from the passing asdoajsh. M. of Mahabad was that his mother has to come in was admitted to hospital in the head. One engine on the pretext of them asks in sound systems to address the senses of Perth and my brother with a gun to the neck of m. shlic and he will martyrdom. I was cshic that night hospital. That was just the time of the cultural revolution. I was a resident, and the resident in the hospital all night hands. The father of Mrs Masood contacted me and said officers in the operating room, and m. Asked me to consider myself close to the hospital because the m in the operating room. I also picked up the ruposhm and moved to the side of the hospital. When I entered the hospital family and acquaintances encountered a very upset and distressed. I am looking for I was in the operating room that my brother came and told me m. to testify. All those who at the time of the accident were themselves next to us said that Masood has my brother when the testimony of this sentence is whispered: ard Karbala and Ashura daily total. Saw my brother into cold storage. His face was white and luminous, a heavenly face that laigh a martyr. I said, and end of Enna anallah rajaon. And because I was in the hospital in cshic and included the need for your hospital I was. In the path to reach a hospital in big air and khridem with myself to the hospital. Partners with a view of the air I prsidend of what? I told my brother to achieve martyrdom f respond. They wanted me to focus on my testimony for the consultation is not a Qaida as perverter. I told my brother that has the best position will insha'allah I shfetsh I need.

What is your opinion about this sentence what is the martyr Chamran says of God I must be superior in terms of knowledge of all of my enemies lest they teased this way?

Very beginning of the revolution, the party forces can and will taunt allahi said they just have the commitment. News of science and knowledge. By the time I was a general practitioner and to the letter of the counter-revolution on I went and then apply to specialty pediatric heart took up higher than it is. Other then that they wanted only teased the commitment and expertise. I try my commitment in addition to operational expertise.

Defapress: Presumably you have a charity organisation, the Institute of the early revolution is today also the spirit and keep your was jahadi?

Yes, the Institute of charity for helping the needy are due to the Department. Today's servant in the centers of activity. jahadi Sistan and Baluchestan was carried out in the presence of. Of course, if God accepts, and still I wish it still serves small to Allah. We accept our Islamic revolution of God and his ways until we are in the body lives and trying to do ourselves. Unfortunately, some of the sarcasm that you they are fifty hafti. Well Yes we were fifty and hafti revolution. The revolution and revolution of may manim. I'm very I trying to travel to Syria, I advocate the Warriors shrine, but did not allow the presence of women and harts to swear, but it's still zinbi and propagation task done myself. The Mission of Mrs Hazrat Zeinab was and I shall stay zinbi.

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