Admiral syyadi talks to the Defapress / Section I;
General sayari; The adventure of "the warning" approach to the American carrier/mg ratio to ndaja, "Bagheri is transparent and the future is ngraneh/Navy defensive diplomacy in leading

General sayari; The adventure of "the warning" approach to the American carrier/mg ratio to ndaja, "Bagheri is transparent and the future is ngraneh/Navy defensive diplomacy in leading". ". Army Navy commander said the armed forces Chief of staff General measures and the new Commander of the army in ndaja agenda.

To report a security defense defensive presses, the Navy has so far consistently as one of the world's countries, power has been raised to different countries to other countries ' domination and make use of the vast resources that exist in the seas has always been on their marine siyadat than others The emphasis in this regard and will also strengthen and equip.

Iran before the revolution by the autonomous Government and the impact of a framanteghh Governments have always been this massive resource development and see axis jamandeh, had given up being 88 years to command the naval army leader, to become a strategic force and the scope of its mission of territorial waters to the water b. The yen and the world's free.


So far, 88 years of Navy with dispatched more than 50 operational naogroh while securing the Roads lines in the North of the Indian Ocean, the Strait of Bab almandb, Gulf of Aden, the Red Sea in the field of Defense and diplomacy as well as the transfer of culture and the development of the country's see-axis are also significant activities are also shown.

Ndaja in the field of design, construction and production of all types of surface, subsurface, and texture as well as a variety of systems and also the defense so far has been successful, improvements and the presence of its sovereign waters supply the country's free and road lines as well as making all types of light and heavy equipment and vessels Radar and missile systems we serve it to Habibullah sayari Commander of the army and Navy reach an interview to one hour with them.

The computational error Baathist enemy in violation of Islamic Iran, Your query: since the defense among the Marines to the army and Navy in defense you have 34 days 34-day stop, the cause of the presence of the enemy in Khorramshahr, correct?

Admiral Sayari: in my opinion their Baathist enemy evaluation going wrong was because the computational dont on the Iranian people and the armed forces had not opened an account and thought that according to the same formula and indicators that have been considered could really capture the Khorramshahr and later three-day way Tehran.

They attacked our soil to the same day of the first of the great defense and the armed forces were facing a 34-day epic defense of Khorramshahr was our defensive power and represent itself showed that the enemy whatever the wrong plan, and in fact have been a strategic error.

Did not experience the war but had the necessary skills and equipment.

 Adventure of

The Defapress: how could the Iraqi Navy Navy within a short period of history of the war and with that leg does an impersonation in your tkhasm?

Admiral Sayari: of course, the naval battle of experience definitely seen more than the Navy lacks the experience of war, but this is not the reason, since it is not necessary that every Navy because of skill and ability is sure to be seen in the war.

On the other hand, our Navy is no doubt on that point, since the equipment was very well and the facilities and staff who could provide was in the least time possible, i.e. 67 days after the beginning of the Iraq war, the Navy imposed to completely destroy.

Pearl rocket launcher from the warships in operation "class missile launcher missile arrow" against the "aouza" class we used Baathist enemy.

We did not have war experience, but we had the necessary equipment and skills

Defapress: some analysts wrote in the books that the title that the Iraqi Navy has been weak and defeat it was hard?

Amir Sayari: no it is not a rocket launcher-missile brigade of our class, we use the arrow in the Pearl operation as the enemy missile rocket launcher from the aouza class. Perhaps some of this is the direction that we advanced destroyer than the enemy we have quoted this letter again, this analysis is not correct, because even though we have all kinds of destroyers had in possession but in the region does not need the presence of the destroyer and use them. Of course the destroyer attended support was not necessary, but the destroyer to the North Persian Gulf and close to terminals albakr and almieh. Therefore, the axis of the rocket launcher missile operations on arrow companion support classes was that the air force and Navy as well as the presence of ndaja Helicopters 's version was that the operation took place.

The enemy missile rocket launcher in front of our class aouza was in charge of that amount was high as well as support for HelicoptersRangers and a strong air force force as a backup. Therefore, these resources are not much difference after the equipment as well as kafe Libra mnteghh in terms of the operational geography is quite heavy in favor of the enemy. Thus the enemy albakr and alamieh platforms, the Island of Bubiyan Island and the shores of the alahmadi port in Kuwait and also to the coast of the sea. But the Islamic warriors were able to use their equipment and utilize other components because of faith, martyrdom, knowledge, discipline and spirit of revolutionized the December the enemy faced with heavy defeat.

In the pearl operation, we used rocket-propelled rocket propellers against the Ba'ath-enemy's Versailles missile ships.

Defa press: regarding the Iranian frigate recently a warning to an American floating gives an explanation please? Apparently, the problem can be found for an Iranian ship and a floating ship to American assistance to close this with a rocket launcher frigate warning we encountered, which of course the American side denies the receipt of the notification. Firstly, why go to the buoyancy that will probably be close to help can be given a warning and then the explanation about the denial of receipt of the notification by the American side, please?

Admiral Sayari: free waters in the sea, and the policy is that every ship and buoyancy that corrupted and suffered a technical defect of the telecommunication system on the help request and international law says that every ship that is close to it must be seen to help the ship incident and It might be at any point of the free waters happen.

But in this current one and we will be in trouble and in danger of drowning, which is placed with the use of the telecommunications systems help request and accordingly a carrier that has been close to this and wants to help. But because it is close and has been monitoring the area waters we let us pay to foreign carriers to the waters near us and we notice it. Maybe if this happened in international waters, and this happened, but when it is near our waters floating we don't let no boundary waters and under the supervision of the Navi we close. Therefore, we notice that they're not ahead and deference, and documents is also available.

The Commander of the army and Navy on the importance of the interests of the country in the realm of the sea are full peers.

The pearl operation area was in the enemy's favor

In front of our enemy, we possessed the missile-fighter missile of the Augusta class, which was highly capable, as well as support for helicopter, crew and a strong air force as supporter. Therefore, the equipment used was not significantly different in terms of equipment, and the balance of the geographic area of ​​the operational area was completely in the interest of the enemy. Thus, the enemy possessed the platforms of al-Bakr and al-Amiyah, the island of Bubian and the coasts of Kuwait's al-Ahmadi port, and used offshore-to-sea missiles. But the warriors of Islam were able to defeat the enemy by using their equipment and utilizing other components such as faith, martyrdom, knowledge, discipline and revolutionary spirit on the 7th of Azar.

Adventure of  

An Adventure to the American Navy

Defapress: not long ago saw the change of command of the army of the Islamic Republic at the macro level, we and the Army Commander major general Mousavi were appointed, what about this change and his approach toward the Navy how do you evaluate?

Admiral Sayari: I think the appointment is at the discretion of commanders of command hierarchy and most definitely worthy for the responsibilities they choose but look towards the Army Commander ndaja in my opinion a very good look and perfect and according to cognitive during the years of the force Maritime, compared to the importance of the sea and marine force and resources and our interests in the sea, and are aware of the issues and getting the full executive peers to take total command of the Supreme powers in the realm of the sea are considered and certainly an important step in this regard will be based.

The armed forces Chief contraption towards transparent, accurate and future Navy

Defapress: the past few months Defense Major General Mohammad Bagheri to the armed forces Chief of staff of the Navy, and later some content regarding the progress and promotion of radar equipment based on can increase the range, increasing the range of the missile and issues such as improving the safety and defence, martial naveha and vessels have to offer, please visit Slee His presence in the tone of the Navy and when his demands go?

Admiral Sayari: the approach of major General Mohammad baqeri total Chief of staff of the armed forces to the importance of the sea to exploit the macro and the progress of the country and the importance of the Navy in the establishment of security in the sea and the beaches, very detailed, and prospective approach is transparent. And we should definitely use that he and Commander in Chief of the army so that we can finally do have interest in the direction of the Supreme Commander of the entire contraption what powers based on security in the sea, the maritime authority and the development is imperative and work step Ganj beaches front.

So he's receiving frond and plans is definitely on the agenda is the Navy and we follow, and he is certainly the way we support and will support up to shaallh what is the purpose of access we have investments.

Reagent Navy sea power of the Islamic Republic in the area of international waters and is free.

The commander-in-chief of the army is well-known for the importance of the navy and the interests of the country in the arena

Defapress: the role of the Navy in the naval review and how much diplomacy this force can result in the transmission of culture to friendly countries and other countries in the field: and the waters will be successful free traffic?

Admiral sayari: this is a question more of your keyword to take total command of the Supreme powers originated, that title would be

The naval force is not only a military force, a force that is politic and international to help the country's economy and rebuilding the country, which is also the key words all of Sir.


The international naval force is the only means that is outside of the borders and the free world waters. The Navy as soon as they enter the waters of the border will be out of international waters and of the behavior and movements of her capabilities, and introducing the Islamic Republic.

The Navy provided to various ports of the world countries is a political force came in. The presence in the Indian Ocean Rim countries, the countries of East Asia and other countries of the Mediterranean and is considered diplomacy its kind because each of the various meetings held and join, competitions and educational visits, vision and skill and Sport held that all discussion of the development of the country's diplomacy is effective. Coma in May next year to host the sixth biennial Conference of Indian Ocean Rim countries, naval forces command consists of 36 in Iran.

This biennial conference each time in one country can be held so far in India, UAE, South Africa, Australia and Bangladesh. In the Indian Ocean Rim countries representatives, along with representatives from the countries of South-East Asia, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan and China and the countries of Europe will also attend the Conference. Our forecast is that more than 50 staff attended the Conference.