Will of Martyr Ibrahim Paripur / My mother's will to take egotism in this martyrdom

Will of Martyr Ibrahim Paripur / My mother's will to take egotism in this martyrdomAccording to the reporter of Sajed , the martyr "Ibrahim Paripur” born in Tehran on May 24, 1945. He was joined to martyrdom in the Sumar area on December 3, 1981 to fight the Ba'athist assailants on the right front against untruths.

Here is the text of the will of this martyr:

Greetings to the Great Leader of the Islamic Revolution and to the martyrs of the sleeping blood of Karbala and the Karbalah of Iran. I will start to read: Now, as I am ready to go to the arenas, I will write a few lines as a will in this month of blood and martyrdom. 

Now I am going to answer to Khomeini required. I cannot agree to battle enemies on the fronts in this cool weather and I will be contented here in this place. I cannot accept that many of my brothers will be martyred every day and I will see their service, and here I will pay courtesy to my daily repetitive, so now I'm going to irrigate the seedlings of revolution and Islam with my blood.

But dear and kindly parentages, I know what agonized you to increase me. I know you stay awake at night, I know all of this, but you should be happy that your suffering was not wasted in vain or better than being martyred in Islam.

My parents, your child, for whom you have suffered hardship, were martyred in the cause of Islam and for the sake of Islam, and so you should be proud of this martyrdom, because in the way of Hussein (AS) you lost your child, happy to your happiness.

Dear Father, Mother, Brothers and Sister, When you hear the news of my martyrdom, I love you and do not wear a somber dress, and do not cry for me, because the enemy is happy, and the only wish I have for you is to not leave the Imam unaided. Follow the commands of this inordinate leader and always pray for the health of Imam.

My brothers and fellow citizens, I desire you to join the Basij Resistance groups to say that our dear Imam, the 20 million Army.

In the end, if my parents were pleased to bury me in the cemetery of the martyrs.
Ibrahim Paripur 1983 »

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