Yemeni Envoy Thanks Iran’s Stance against Saudi-Led Military Campaign

Yemeni Envoy Thanks Iran’s Stance against Saudi-Led Military CampaignDuring the meeting with Brigadier General Hatami on Sunday in Tehran, al-Dailami expressed his gratitude to the Islamic Republic over Tehran’s stance against the Saudi-led war on the Arabian Peninsula country.

Also in the meeting, the two sides discussed issues of mutual interest and conferred on a host of issues, including ways to boost military cooperation between the two countries.

Brigadier General Hatami underlined the need to enhance the ties between the Iranian and Yemeni militaries, saying that Tehran backs a political solution to the Yemeni crisis.

Last month, Hatami dismissed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's allegations that Tehran has sent long-range missiles to Yemen, stressing that the Yemeni army enjoys the capability to produce different missiles itself.

"The Yemeni people are a smart, resistance and powerful nation and whatever they have used so far have been their own innovations," General Hatami told reporters in Tehran.

He added that Iran helps Yemen with playing an advisory role, and stated, "The Yemeni nation's rights have been trampled upon and a large number of tolls have been inflicted on them by the siege and different attacks and therefore, we help the Yemeni people only through an advisory role."

In relevant remarks in September, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyed Abbas Mousavi stressed his country's continued support for the Yemenis against the Saudi-led coalition.

"Iran supports the legal government of Yemen against the aggressors. Iran has always supported the Yemenis spiritually and politically," Mousavi told reporters in a press conference in Tehran.

Asked about Iran's position on Yemenis' attacks against Saudi Arabia, he said, "In our view, what the Yemenis do are defensive measures."

Mousavi also underlined that resolution of the Yemen crisis depends on acceptance of ceasefire and stop of attacks on Yemeni civilians.

Also in September, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani dismissed allegations about Iran's involvement in Yemenis' attacks on the Saudi oil installations, and said, "Iran wants friendly relations with its Southern neighbors."

President Rouhani also defended the Yemeni people's right to respond to aggressions against their country.

He underscored that Iran never wants clashes in the region, and said, "We should know that the Yemeni nation has not been the starter of the conflict, but Saudi Arabia, the UAE, the Americans, certain European states and the Zionist regime have launched a war in the region and destroyed Yemen."

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