Leader’s Top Military Aide:
US Military, Security Policies Crippling in Shock after Coronavirus Outbreak

US Military, Security Policies Crippling in Shock after Coronavirus Outbreak“The US Army’s report to Pentagon has advised to put the situation of the entire Army in peace mode so that they can pass the crisis,” General Rahim Safavi said on Tuesday.

He added that a part of the US Army’s efforts to transfer forces from certain bases to other bases in the region and withdrawing a number of other forces from Afghanistan, Iraq and its carriers show that the US is facing a serious problem and a “crippling shock” in management of crisis not only inside the country but also in the military arena and pursuing its security and military policies.

“The US should review many of its security and military measures and policies at international and regional levels,” General Rahim Safavi said.

The US military said it was also elevating its health protection condition, or HPCON, at bases around the world to Charlie, its second highest level, which suggests sustained community transmission.

“Our curve is not flattening. And that’s why we went to HPCON Charlie today, which includes restrictions on large gatherings and includes additional social distancing,” Air Force Brig. Gen. Paul Friedrichs, the joint staff surgeon, told a news conference.

As the infection rates climb and military exercises are canceled, along many other group activities, Pentagon officials are increasingly acknowledging that the coronavirus pandemic could affect military readiness for a conflict or crisis.

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