IRGC cmdr. to Leader:
“We are dedicated to people, Revolution,”

“We are dedicated to people, Revolution,”IRGC forces have used all its might and power for grandeur and dignity of noble nation of the country, he said, adding, “we are devoted ourselves to the Iranian people and consider ourselves as guardian of the Islamic Revolution and are ready to keep grandeur of the Islamic Revolution and noble nation of Islamic Iran in all arenas.”

IRGC Chief Commander Salami thanked Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei for his compassionate and kind message to IRGC commanders and officials as guardian of jurisprudent.

IRGC forces received the sublime order of the Leader, saying that “We Should Be Strong” and took effective steps in line with realizing the objectives of Second Step of the Islamic Revolution as well as expulsion of US terrorist forces from the region.

Message end/