Ghalibaf hails IRGC Aerospace Force achievements

Ghalibaf hails IRGC Aerospace Force achievements"The drones which were displayed in this exhibition, have reached a point where they can target any targets in the farthest corners with continuous flight and in any weather conditions," said Ghalibaf in the inauguration ceremony of IRGC Aerospace Force permanent exhibition on Sunday.

This exhibition showcases all the efforts of the Air Force and shows how the culture of Sacred Defense has caused to reach this achievements even in difficult situations, he added. 

IRGC Aerospace Force permanent exhibition was inaugurated on Sunday morning in the presence of Iran's Parliament Speaker, IRGC commander, and IRGC Aerospace Force Commander.

In this exhibition, IRGC missile achievements including Nazeat, Simorgh, Khorramshahr, Shahab III, Fatih F, Fatih A, Safir Fajr, Sejjil, Zolfaghar, Ta'er II, Taer III, Sam VI, Dezfool missiles as well as 3rd Khordad, Tabas, HQ2, Ghadir, Kasshef, Matla' Fajr I and II, Kavosh air defense systems and some other defense systems have been showcased.

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