US Isolated in World, Zarif Says

US Isolated in World, Zarif SaysIn an interview with Venezuela’s television network teleSUR during his stay in Caracas on Thursday, Zarif highlighted Iran’s political victories against the US at the UN Security Council.

“We defeated the United States three times at the United Nations Security Council in the last few months. And that shows how isolated US policy of maximum pressure and US bullying has become in the international community,” he said.

“It’s not a victory for Iran, but it’s a victory for international law, for the United Nations Charter, and for United Nations Security Council resolutions,” he added.

Asked about the prospect of growing cooperation between Tehran and Caracas, Zarif said the mutual collaboration will definitely go further.

“We have survived over forty years of this type of pressure by the United States, and if we wanted to give up, we would have given up long time ago,” the top Iranian diplomat stressed.

On the meeting with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, Zarif said, “We have excellent relations between Iran and Venezuela. And meeting with President Maduro was very friendly. He was very gracious to receive me at his home. We had good conversation about how to further enhance bilateral relations in the area of energy, science and technology, COVID-19, where Venezuela has made significant progress, and Iran has made significant progress, and we can share (experiences).”

The Iranian foreign minister traveled to Venezuela on Wednesday in a three-leg tour of Latin America.

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