'Presence of aliens in region must end ASAP'

'Presence of aliens in region must end ASAP'"With the contribution of the Islamic countries in the region and with unity and brotherhood, we can create security in the Persian Gulf region and the Sea of Oman," said Ali Reza Tangsiri.

"We have equipment today, all of which are domestically produced and the product of the efforts of young, committed and revolutionary scientists of this nation," he added, saying, "All military equipment used in the IRGC navy, both surface and subsurface, including UAVs, submarines, missiles and other weapons are domestically produced."

He also noted, "We also have very good intelligence aristocracy, and we monitor and intercept transnational hostile enemies at all levels."

"Today, with the formation of a naval Basij in the Caspian Sea, the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman and the organization of 35,000 people, in addition to 11,000 light vessels and 5,000 heavy vessels at sea and on the coast, lasting security of the people has been established," Tangsiri added.