Gen. Salami:
Enemy plots to overthrow Islamic Republic 'shattered'

Enemy plots to overthrow Islamic Republic 'shattered'Speaking in a local ceremony, Major General Hossein Salami spoke about the current status of the Islamic Revolution at the international level.

Saying that passing through difficulties during the 42 years was like crossing the Nile, he maintained, “We have passed through all the difficulties and dangerous phrases caused by the enemy who seeks to overthrow the Islamic Republic.”

Today the US has become isolated and ineffective and it has lost its role and power at the international level, Salami said.

He went on to say, “The US military expenditure is still the same as the world countries’ military expenditure; That means 50 percent of the world's military spending goes to the United States.”

“However, the United States has been failed by weak rulers, as well as a lack of wisdom; This is not my word, but the confession of the Americans themselves”, he added.

Referring to the hostile moves of the enemies against the Islamic Revolution during the past 42 years, he said, “The enemies resorted to many tools in the fields of economics, culture, politics, social affairs, and media, however, under wise guidelines of leader, they failed on all fronts.”