Iranian nation 'serious' in overcoming sanctions

Iranian nation 'serious' in overcoming sanctionsSpeaking on the sidelines of a scientific event on Sunday, Major General Hossein Salami said that Iran enjoys good potential so as to progress in science, industry, economics, and technology.

Despite enemies’ sabotages, today, smart and hard-working Iranian youth are producing many products that used to be imported from foreign countries, Salami said.

Sanctions have created a real effort in society to meet all needs inside the country, he added.

Saying that the arrangement of the Iranian nation to overcome the sanctions and the enemies is serious, he added that the sanctions are one of the great historical opportunities for Iran.

“Iran is different from all other countries in the world, the country is under global sanctions and no one is helping it, however, Iranian youth have managed to stand on their own feet to bury the wishes of the enemies”, he explained.