Countries with Bleak HR Records Unqualified to Preach Iran

Countries with Bleak HR Records Unqualified to Preach Iran“United States: Encyclopedia of the History of Terrorism, Germany: professional terrorism-laundering whose chemical weapons are still killing veterans in Iran, Albania: garbage-bin and servant of [MKO] terrorists who have martyred 17,000 innocent Iranians,” He wrote in a post to his Twitter page on Saturday.

He referred to the US record of creating terrorist groups and launching terrorist acts. According to international law experts, the assassination of General Soleimani by the US is a clear example of organized state terrorism, and according to philosophers such as Chomsky, the United States is the leader of terrorism.

On the other hand, Germany, claiming to be a human rights advocate, was one of the main suppliers of chemical weapons to former Iraqi dictator Saddam in 1980s during the Iraq-Iran war. Weapons that killed thousands of innocent people are still killing veterans in Iran.

As for Albania, despite being aware of the countless crimes of the MKO terrorist group, agreed to deploy this criminal group on its territory. A group that has martyred over 17,000 women, children, and civilians and the documents of these crimes have been presented to international bodies many times.

The US, German and Albanian representatives at the UN Human Rights Council have recently made remarks on “violation of human rights” in Iran.