Rear Admiral Kaviani:
Makran helicopter carrier provided great capacity for Navy

Makran helicopter carrier provided great capacity for NavyMakran helicopter carrier has provided the country with a huge capacity to support combat fleets at high- and oceanic seas, Rear Admiral Hamzeh Ali Kaviani said on Tuesday.

This helicopter carrier has created various support capacities for more navigation and independent presence of naval combat, intelligence and operational fleets in the high seas, he highlighted.

Transportation of fuel, ready-made equipment, ammunition and transportation equipment of special operation teams has been considered at this helicopter carrier, he said, adding, “Also, this helicopter carrier, with the capability of carrying five heavy naval helicopters, has enabled us to be able to have a continuous presence independently in the high seas and the North Indian Ocean.”

Makran helicopter carrier joined the southern fleet Army Navy Force of the Islamic Republic of Iran on Jan. 13 and at the first day of Eghtedar (Authority) Naval Drill in the presence of the Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces and Commander of Iran Navy Force.

This helicopter carrier is capable of delivering 100,000 tons of fuel and water to army vessels, and it can also move on seawater for a long time without stopping.