FM Zarif provides more details of Sino-Iranian doc.

FM Zarif provides more details of Sino-Iranian doc.Here are the details provided by the minister in an Instagram post that he sent in Persian on Wednesday night:


Practical improvement of relations at the level of comprehensive strategic partnership based on the declaration of the two Presidents in February 2015.

Roadmap and long-term relations in various fields to achieve comprehensive strategic partnership and its practical promotion.

Providing a suitable platform for the comprehensive development of cooperation in trade, politics, economy, culture, defense, and security between the two ancient civilizations of Asia.


Mutual respect and pursuit of common interests on a win-win basis in bilateral, regional, and international relations.

Recognition of cultural commonalities, strengthening multilateralism, protecting the right of governments to enjoy equal sovereignty, and indigenous development model.


Sharing the views of the two countries on many regional and international issues, especially the fight against unilateralism.

Political, strategic, economic, and cultural plan to outline the 25-year cooperation perspective between the two countries


Promoting exchanges, consultation and cooperation in international and regional institutions

Cooperation and strengthening of defense infrastructure and fight against terrorism


Linking Iran to the value-driven chain by completing complementary domestic chains

Joint production in order to meet demands of the domestic markets of the two countries and third countries by using the capacities of the two countries

Cooperation in the fields of oil, industry, mining and energy-related fields (energy, renewable energy, etc.) based on national sustainable development and environmental concerns

Iran's effective participation in the Belt and Road Initiative

Cooperation in the fields of infrastructure, communication (rail, road, port and air), telecommunications, technology, science, education and health

Facilitating financial-banking and customs cooperation and deregulation

Cooperation in the development of special and free trade and industrial zones, including on the Makran coast

Strengthening non-oil cooperation with a focus on the knowledge-based field

Facilitating cooperation in the field of investment and financing of projects and economic cooperation

Facilitating private sector cooperation by removing barriers to cooperation


Boosting mutual recognition through the promotion of exchanges among people, tourism, media, non-governmental organizations, friendship associations and academic cooperation

Investing and helping to complete the necessary infrastructure to promote cultural cooperation in various fields, including the tourism industry

Unrealistic misconceptions about the 25-year strategic plan:

This document is not a contract.

This document does not create any obligation for either party, but outlines the perspective of the relationship.

According to the legal interpretation of the government and the Supreme National Security Council and based on the Constitution, this document does not require the approval of the Parliament because it does not create any obligation, but a copy of the document has been sent to the Parliament Speaker.

The publication of this document, like similar documents, requires the agreement of both signatories, and the public release of such strategic documents is not common.

This document does not contain any numbers or figures regarding cooperation, whether economic, political, cultural, and strategic or investment.

This document does not cede any region or even point and does not create any exclusive rights in any field.

Management, administration or operation of any area or field has not been ceded.

The deployment of any military force has not been foreseen in this document and there is no possibility to take over a base.

This document is not against any third party or for interfering in the affairs of any country.

Minister Zarif expressed hope that Iran-China comprehensive cooperation will guaranty national interests and sustainable development of Iran along with its pride and the prosperity of its brave and noble people.

On Sunday, 27 March in Tehran in the meeting between Iranian and Chinese Foreign Ministers, the 25-year comprehensive document on the Iran-China strategic partnership was finalized and inked.