Islamic Jihad ready to respond to Zionists raid on Al-Aqsa

Islamic Jihad ready to respond to Zionists raid on Al-AqsaTariq Salmi's comments came on Sunday after the Zionist regime's attacks on Palestinian protesters who were defending Al-Aqsa Mosque against extremist Zionist settlers.

"Palestinian resistance groups monitor and assess the events and situation in Al-Aqsa Mosque and consult with other groups and will never remain indifferent to these actions and attacks and will respond to them by force," Islamic Jihad spokesman underlined.

He said that the Zionist regime of Israel must be held accountable for the Zionist settlers' actions and their raid on sacred sites in holy Quds, adding that resistance forces will respond in due time and place.

Salmi went on to say that "Resistance groups in Gaza ousted former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from power and are able to oust other generals..."

He further noted, "The Zionist regime is taking advantage of the normalization of relations with some Arab states and wants to complete the Judaization of the city of Quds and destroy the Palestinian cause, and it is trying to divide the Arabs into different races and sects in line with its agenda."

The Islamic Jihad spokesman also said, "Palestine has shown that the Zionist enemy is fragile, and those who want to normalize relations must think twice before they decide; Because this enemy seeks to deprive people in the Arab world of their rights and liberties."