Fuad Hussein:
Iran-Iraq national security linked to regional security

Iran-Iraq national security linked to regional securitySpeaking in a joint press conference with Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian in Tehran on Wednesday, Fuad Hussein said that Iraq agrees with Iran on the need to form an inclusive government in Afghanistan. Hussein said that the inclusive government must include all Afghan parties and ethnic groups.

The national security of Iran and Iraq is interconnected with the security of the region, he emphasized, adding that the two countries of Iraq and Iraq are two neighboring countries which have established economic social, cultural and historical relations with each other.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Hussein referred to the establishment of temporary ceasefire in Yemen and stated, “It is hoped that talks would continue in order to create a peaceful solution in line with improving situation of people in this country.”

In response to a question regarding the timing of resumption of talks between Iran and Saudi Arabia, Iraqi foreign minister said that talks between Iran and Saudi Arabia still continue and the talks were paused for a short period.

It is hoped that the next round of Iran-Saudi Arabia talks would take place in Iraq, Hussein underlined.