Moscow reacts to possible addition to terrorism sponsor list

Moscow reacts to possible addition to terrorism sponsor list"This is necessary in order to convince those who have not yet broken. This is needed today, now, this is every second idea that has appeared, which is not supported by either law or facts, no one talks about facts at all, this is necessary today for Washington's information and propaganda activities", Zakharova told the Solovyov Live show on YouTube, according to Sputnik.

The statement lambasting the American authorities comes as a response after US States Department spokesperson Ned Price said during an interview with CNN that Washington is looking into the possibility of designating Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism.

This definition applies to nations that "repeatedly provided support for acts of international terrorism", according to the US State Department. At the moment, there are four countries on the list - Iran, Cuba, North Korea and Syria. 

This remark comes amid another round of tensions, as the US and Europe slapped sanctions on Moscow due to the special operation in Ukraine.