Hezbollah to accept election result whoever wins

Hezbollah to accept election result whoever winsHezbollah Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem cast on Sunday his vote ballot at a polling center in Beirut’s Al-Bashoura area, according to Al-Manar TV English website.

Sheikh Qassem called for a wide participation in the  elections, maintaining that this vote is a turning point since it moves Lebanon from collapse to progress.

Sheikh Qassem said, “We accept the results of the elections and extend our hand to whoever wins for the sake of Lebanon.”

Lebanon holds parliamentary elections on Sunday with some 3.9 million eligible voters going to select their preferred representatives among 718 candidates spread across 103 lists in 15 districts and 27 subdistricts, an increase from 597 candidates and 77 lists in 2018.

The last vote in 2018 saw Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistance movement and its allies, the Christian Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) of President Michel Aoun and the Shia Amal party of Speaker Nabih Berri secure a majority by winning 71 of the parliament's seats.

Hezbollah has said it expects few changes to the make-up of the current parliament, though its opponents, including the Saudi-aligned Lebanese Forces party, say they are hoping to scoop up seats from the FPM, the Press TV reported.