Hezbollah can defend Lebanese gas field against Israel

Hezbollah can defend Lebanese gas field against IsraelHis speech comes as Zionist regime installed and deployed a gas platform in the Mediterranean Sea by violating Lebanese maritime sovereignty.

By installing Karish gas platform, Zionist regime is scheduled to use it to explore and extract gas.

At the start of his speech, Nasrallah said that Greek ship dispatched by the Zionist entity arrived in the disputed maritime zone to extract gas and not to drill for gas as reported by some media outlets.

According to the Hezbollah leader, "What happened in the latest days is an aggressive and a provocative act against Lebanon," adding that, "The Lebanese State is the side which is charged with announcing the country’s border and the area of the disputed zone, it’s not Hezbollah’s task."

He also said that, "Today we are before a very important and national issue which is how to react to this Israeli aggression."

Nasrallah pointed out that "The maritime wealth in our territorial waters is the only remaining hope to salvage Lebanon from the economic collapse."

He went on to list the threats against Lebanon's maritime wealth and said "The first threat endangering this wealth is the potential seizure by the Zionist entity to a great area of our maritime border.

"The second threat is preventing Lebanon from extracting gas and oil in its maritime border."

"The third threat is emptying the field from gas and oil by the enemy and other states in the region."

The Hezbollah secretary general also point out that "Lebanon’s maritime wealth is no less important than liberating the country’s occupied south in 2000."

"All in Lebanon have to act with high responsibility in order to defend the country’s maritime wealth," he also underlined.

"We don’t have much time and the more days we are late the much wealth we are losing," he pointed out, adding that, "Hezbollah has been since 2000 laying responsibility of maritime border demarcation on the Lebanese State."

According to Nasrallah, " Lebanon has the ultimate right to invest in its maritime wealth."

"The Resistance is capable on all levels to prevent the Israeli enemy from extracting gas and oil in Karish field."

"All enemy’s measures can’t defend the vessel planning to extract oil and gas in disputed zone," he went on to say, adding that "Lebanon’s losses in case of any war with ‘Israel’ are nothing compared to the Zionist entity’s losses."

"The enemy’s decision to go for war has existential repercussions on the Zionist entity rather than strategic ones," Nasrallah said, while calling for a united stance by Lebanese sides regarding the country’s maritime wealth.

He also noted that the Israeli enemy acts arrogantly and neither recognizes nor respects international laws and added that "Resistance legitimacy is based on its role in defending Lebanon."

He went on to point out that "The powerful Resistance won’t keep mum regarding Israeli aggression on Lebanon’s maritime wealth," stressing that " All option are on the Resistance’s table."

Hezbollah chief also explained that "The Greek firm operating the vessel near Karish has to know that it’s a partner in this aggression and must withdrew the ship from the disputed zone immediately."

"We are closely monitoring the maritime wealth issue and the Greek firm is fully responsible for the fate of the vessel in the disputed zone."

"We in Hezbollah have tasked former MP Nawwaf Al-Mousawi to follow up the issue of Lebanon’s maritime wealth,"  he declared.

"With regard to balance of power Lebanon today is more stronger than ever,"