Leader Urges Mounting Political Pressure on US, Israel to Stop Gaza Massacre

Leader Urges Mounting Political Pressure on US, Israel to Stop Gaza MassacreThe Leader made the remarks in a meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammad Shia’ al-Sudani, held in Tehran on Monday.

Ayatollah Khamenei extended his gratitude to the Iraqi government and nation for the good and strong stance they have taken in supporting the people of Gaza.

He also stressed the need for the Islamic world to increase political pressure on the US and the Zionist regime for the cessation of the killings of the Gazan people.

"As an important country in the region, Iraq can play a special role in this field by creating a new path in the Arab world and the Islamic world," the Leader stated.

Pointing to the lamentable situation in Gaza and the wounded hearts of all the free people that are aching as a result of these crimes and atrocities, Ayatollah Khamenei stated, "From the very first days of the attacks of the Zionist regime, all evidence pointed to the direct involvement of the US in the administration of the war. The longer the current war goes on, the evidence showing the direct role of the US in directing the crimes of the Zionist regime in Gaza becomes more pronounced."

The Leader reiterated that if their weapon supplies and political support stopped, the Zionist regime would be incapable of continuing. He further added that the Americans are truly accomplices of the Zionists in the crimes that are being committed in Gaza.

He underlined that "Despite all the killings that are carried out in Gaza, the Zionist regime has so far failed in this incident because it has not been able to restore its lost reputation and it will not be able to restore it in the future either."

The Leader emphasized the need for an all-out effort to increase political pressure on the US and the Zionist regime to stop the bombings in the Gaza Strip. "By working together, the Islamic Republic of Iran and Iraq can play a role and be influential in this field."

During the meeting, the Leader also spoke about the bilateral cooperation between Iran and Iraq in the economic field and the field of security, Khamenei.ir reported.

"Praise God, things are progressing well, but we must make sure to continue to follow up the agreements with the same initial incentives and we must not slow down," he said.

After the meeting, the Leader expressed his sincere gratitude to the people and the government of Iraq and the Iraqi prime minister himself for their hospitality and providing of services and security during the Arbaeen period.

For his part, Prime Minister Sudani expressed his great satisfaction at the meeting with Imam Khamenei. He described the Al-Aqsa Storm operation as a heroic operation that brought joy to all the freedom fighters in the world. "Despite this joy, we are all deeply devastated by the brutal massacre in Gaza, which is a collective revenge on the people of this small region," he added.

The Iraqi prime minister said, "In the case of Gaza, the Iraqi government and the nation of Iraq, as well as the internal political currents, are at the forefront of supporting the oppressed Gazans. The Iraqi government has made extensive political efforts to stop the crimes in Gaza."

Criticizing the silence of international assemblies and human rights advocates in the face of these crimes, Sudani emphasized that, "The efforts we are making are first of all aimed at putting an end to these bombings. The next step is to send food and medical aid to the people of Gaza. Necessary arrangements have been made in this regard during our negotiations with the Iranian president."

The prime minister of Iraq also underlined the serious determination of his government to expand relations with Iran and to implement the agreements signed by Tehran and Baghdad.