ran FM congratulates South Africa success in ICJ

ran FM congratulates South Africa success in ICJI congratulate South Africa's success in the International Court of Justice in filing a complaint against the Zionist regime to the government and people of South Africa, the Palestinian people and Mrs. Naledi Pandor, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of this country, Amir-Abdollahian wrote on his Twitter account on Friday.

Once again, I emphasize Iran's support for the initiative of the South African government, he added.

Today, the officials of the fake Israeli regime are the most hated people in the world's public opinion, who must be brought to justice immediately for committing genocide and unprecedented war crimes against the Palestinians, he noted.

The White House's all-out support for the Zionists' crimes will never be forgotten and is the subject of attention by public opinion, he stated.

I urge all my counterparts in the world to support the action of South Africa in the International Court of Justice, he stressed.