Qassam spox says 15 Israeli soldiers killed at close range

Qassam spox says 15 Israeli soldiers killed at close rangeAl-Quds Brigades says resistance fighters engaged in clashes with Israeli occupation forces, killing 15 soldiers at point-blank range.
"Over the past few days, al-Qassam forces were able to completely or partially destroy 43 Israeli military vehicles;" Abu Obeida, the spokesman of Qassam Brigades said in a statement on Sunday.
"Our forces confirmed that they killed 15 Zionist soldiers at point-blank range, and an Israeli officer and a soldier were also killed by al-Qassam snipers," he added.
The Qassam spokesman further said, "Our forces killed and wounded dozens of members of the Israeli army in 17 different military operations, missions during which al-Qassam forces targeted the Zionist aggressors with rockets, mortars, anti-armored equipment, and other weapons."
"Al-Qassam forces also ambushed a group of enemy soldiers by blowing up the entrance of a tunnel; Our Mujahideen seized 4 Israeli drones and attacked their military bases with mortars on all fronts of the battle; They also fired a heavy barrage of rockets towards Tel Aviv and its surroundings," Abu Obaida concluded.